Reader: Let us not try to be the judge and jury

Written by: MT Reader | 22 Jan 2019 11:12
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22 Jan 2019 11:12

Like many other Malaysians, I am truly saddened over the recent Penang Bridge tragedy where a college student in an SUV was sent plunging into the sea following a collision.

It is truly a tragic incident and unfortunately, the other driver involved was found to be high on cannabis at the time of the incident.

We all know that what he did was wrong, and I am sure he is feeling every bit of pain possible for causing the tragic incident.

After all, they were both reported to be the best of buddies since their childhood days.

To add salt to the wound, it is upsetting to read some of the comments posted by netizens on social media regarding the incident.

For one, we should not be the ones to judge what really happened and certainly we should not be calling the driver of the Toyota Vios, a "keling".

This word is very derogatory to the Indian community and we have no right to be calling him such a word just because he is an Indian.

It would be best for us all to simply pray for them and their families as they go through this very difficult time and not play the roles of judge and jury.

William Leong
Seberang Jaya

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