Push ups for Thai traffic offenders (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 08 Dec 2018 11:48
Written by:
08 Dec 2018 11:48

Perhaps this is something our cops should do to those who minor traffic offenders.

I saw this recent video of policemen in Thailand making two men do push-ups for not wearing helmets.

Not using a helmet may be a minor offence in Thailand, but it is a major one here.

Perhaps this kind of punishment could be used for other minor offences, especially those involving the younger generation.

I don't think the older folk should be made to do push ups, as this could well lead to all kinds of other complications, I guess.

We do have youngsters committing all kinds of petty crimes and perhaps this sort of punishment and some community service will be good?

Noraini Anis
Shah Alam

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