Private hospitals should not be so money minded

Written by: MT Reader | 02 Feb 2019 15:05
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02 Feb 2019 15:05

Private hospitals in the country must stop being so money minded and place greater emphasis on the patient's welfare.

For one, patients should not be made to wait for hours before being allowed to their rooms just because the hospital is yet to get a guarantee letter from the insurance company concerned.

They should be allowed to their rooms while the hospital waits for the letter.

The same should apply to the discharge process. Now, a patient is cleared by the doctor, but has to wait up to another four to five hours before they are allowed to leave.

This is because the hospital is waiting for a letter from the insurance company concerned.

Private hospitals should study this matter and come up with some kind of better procedure.

Perhaps, they should have have a special waiting lounge or something so that patients who are discharged can leave their rooms, making way for others on the waiting list.

It should not all be about money. They need to place importance on the patients and ensure they are comfortable and well cared for.

Terence Teoh
Subang Jaya 

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