Preserve our forests before it is too late

Written by: MT Reader | 02 Sep 2019 09:25
Written by:
02 Sep 2019 09:25

I recently visited the Hutan Kita exhibition at the KL Tower and I must say it greatly helped increase my awareness on just how important our forests are to us.

Sadly, not many realise this and of late, our forests are being destroyed and our precious wildlife greatly jeopardised.

Though it may not seem important, forests play a major role in ensuring our environmental balance and if they are destroyed, we may well be on the way to a major catastrophe.

Our rainforests are among the best and oldest in the world and supports a vast diversity of plant and animal life.

It was a pretty fun-filled time for me and my family as there were also numerous other activities at the the exhibition.

I was also informed of several conservation efforts being undertaken by Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister, Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

This is a great effort by the minister and I hope he gets all the support and encouragement he needs to help preserve our environment.

Also, the entrance to the exhibition is free and I encourage everyone to take their kids there and educate them on the importance of our great forests. It is on till Sept 23. 

Lim Siew Kim
Kuala Lumpur 

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