Of race, religion and a united nation

Written by: MT Reader | 21 Nov 2018 17:04
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21 Nov 2018 17:04

Malaysians must realise one thing - everything that happens is not race related and they must stop drawing such conclusions.

Traffic accidents, arguments, fights etc.. are all natural and something that occurs across the world.

When you witness such incidents in other countries, we just view it as something normal, but in this country, it is immediately equated to the person's race and religion.

Race and religion are two different things and should not be drawn into every single issue.

Unless we move away from this and accept each other as fellow Malaysians, we will never progress.

Whatever problems or issues we face must be resolved on a case to case basis and determined on the facts at hand - regardless of the race or religion of those involved.

Bringing race and religion into every issue is only going to make us regress rather than progress.

It is time to boot out all forms of racism and accept the fact that we are all Malaysians.

Ir Ibrahim Sidek Hamzah

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