More keen on taking pictures rather than helping

Written by: MT Reader | 03 Jan 2019 15:37
Written by:
03 Jan 2019 15:37

A netizen recently hit out at motorists and passers-by who were too busy recording and making viral a hit and run incident in Sibu.

A father and child on a motorcycle were knocked down by a van which sped away and the father was seen holding the child while waiting for help to arrive.

He was also seen frantically trying to call someone over the handphone.

According to the FB post, motorists were more keen on taking videos of the incident rather than offering to take the victims to hospital.

"The least someone could have done was to offer to take them to hospital as the ambulance was yet to arrive," said the post.

Have we become so engrossed in gaining popularity on social media that we have forgotten all about being human?

Perhaps this person was right - we are more keen on swiping out our handphones rather than lending a hand these days.

Thomas Lee

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