Mat Rempit gets aggressive with cops (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 05 Dec 2018 17:19
Written by:
05 Dec 2018 17:19

There was a minor incident involving a traffic cop and an illegal racer (Mat Rempit) recently at the Restaurant Ikan Bakar Seri Empangan in Putrajaya.

According to reports, the cops were checking on illegal racers at the Seri Gemilang bridge in Putrajaya about 2.05am on Dec 2.

Two motorcyclists were apparently riding against traffic and beat a red light at the PICC.

They then challenged the cops on duty by loudly ramming their motorcycles.

One of them then began speeding and entered the Medan Seri Empangan where he almost hit four workers.

He then ran into some tables and crashed, before trying to flee.

The youth became aggressive, forcing the cops to use force to restrain him.

Several other youths were also detained during the operation.

Though personally I do not agree with police violence, if it is true these Mat Rempit were aggressive, then they deserve it.

These Mat Rempit are becoming increasingly brave and violent and I feel the police have to be a little more hard on them than normal.

Leong Weng Teik

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