Many who live on the streets are there by choice

Written by: MT Reader | 22 Jan 2019 16:23
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22 Jan 2019 16:23

I recently read about a little boy who gave his pair of shoes to a homeless kid who was begging with his mother in Bukit Bintang.

I have been a volunteer worker for years and just want to share with you a few things about these homeless people.

Firstly, a majority of them are not really homeless by force, but by choice.

In fact, many of them have families who are willing to take them in.

However, these people prefer to live on the streets, where life is actually pretty good for some of them.

Thanks to efforts by volunteers, these people get more than enough food to eat and also by begging, they easily make a minimum of about RM30 per day.

On average, this adds up to about RM1,000 a month which is sufficient to meet all their other needs.

Also, through joint efforts with the government, there are a number of shelter homes in the vicinity where these people can go and have a bath and stuff.

We have tried on numerous occasions to get these people a place to stay, but most of them refuse.

Till now, it baffles me why many of them like living on the streets.

But believe me, most of them are there by choice, not due to circumstances.

Derreck Teh
Kuala Lumpur

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