Man cuts up LV bag to prove a point (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 26 Feb 2019 11:23
Written by:
26 Feb 2019 11:23

I am sure we have all seen Louis Vuitton stores in certain shopping malls and admired the range of handbags and shoes on display.

And surely, you have also noticed how the staff treat certain people who do not look like they can afford such expensive merchandise.

Well, unfortunately, here in Malaysia, you can never judge a person by how she or he looks.

I have heard of cases where an "Ah Pek" in boxer shorts and a Pagoda singlet has walked into a Mercedez showroom and bought a car cash.

Well, I guess this is what happened at one of the LV stores recently.

According to Facebook user, Ismail Ariffin, he was not happy with the way the staff were treating him and his friend - who were wearing shorts and slippers.

To prove his point, he purchased a RM12,000 LV bag and cut it up right in front of the shocked staff.

He said he was upset with the way they were treated and wanted to prove a point.

Well, what do you guys think? In my opinion, I guess that RM12,000 could have gone to feed a big number of hungry, homeless people rather than be wasted like that.

Samuel Chan
Petaling Jaya 

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