Malaysians: Too generous and gullible (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Feb 2018 18:38
Written by:
12 Feb 2018 18:38

I think one reason why so many foreigners have flocked to our country is that we, Malaysians are at times just too generous.

We also regularly fall victim to scams because we are too gullible and tend to trust people too easily.

We give freely to beggars, not realising most are part of some syndicate and we are in fact just enriching the top bosses.

It is time we stopped giving so much to foreigners and began looking after ourselves more.

There are still many poor Malaysians and even those who cannot afford three meals a day.

Many locals still don't have identification cards and cannot even go to school.

Just take a look at this recent footage of a beggar emptying her bag after being nabbed by the authorities.

From the look of it, she too is not a Malaysian!

Zakaria Hamidon
Kuala Lumpur

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