Lessons from a little kid (video)

Written by: mottaman | 18 Jan 2019 11:51
Written by:
18 Jan 2019 11:51

Guys and girls alike, get ready to shed some happy tears.

A two-year-old boy and his dad were walking near the Buklit Bintang MRT station.

Along the way, they noticed numerous homeless families seeking shelter.

The boy then noticed a child sitting in the shade with his mother.

He then notices the little girl has no shoes and her looks at his father, both quietly agreeing to something.

A video shows the boy then taking off his shoes and socks and puts them on for the little girl.

The father helps him and the boy then gives the girl a small hug.

The boy is then seen running to another family and his father hands him some money for a small donation.

The video then shows the boy playing with several of the homeless kids there - running and laughing.

Finally, the boy leaves, not before winning praises from observers.

He walks away with his dad - without shoes but with a great heart.


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