Hit and run incidents and onboard cameras

Written by: MT Reader | 08 Nov 2018 06:33
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08 Nov 2018 06:33

Of late, we have been hearing of numerous hit and run cases around the country.

Is it because our drivers are becoming more and more reckless or are they just becoming too irresponsible to stop and face the music?

Whatever it is, thanks to onboard cameras these days, the offenders are quickly apprehended.

I believe with the increasing amount of such incidents, having onboard cameras has become a must and the authorities should encourage more drivers to have them installed.

In the video below, some say that the car driver did not notice what happened, but to me, that would be impossible.

The driver probably fled cause he thought he could get away with it, not realising the entire incident was recorded.

Some drivere maybe are afraid to stop. That is fine, as long as they drive to the police station and not just try to escape.

Cases of street justice has left many drivers worried about stopping and I guess going to the nearest police station is also good.

Another alternative I was told is for us to call the emergency hotline immediately and inform them before going to the police station.

Rithaun Abbok

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