Health clinic staff loses temper, shouts at woman

Written by: mottaman | 25 Jan 2019 18:29
Written by:
25 Jan 2019 18:29

It is understandable that people get stressed, especially when dealing with large crowds and working long hours.

However, one must accept that this is part and parcel of the job and at no time should one vent their frustrations on the public.

In a recent incident at a government health clinic in Jinjang, Kepong, a male staff flew into a rage when approached by an elderly woman asking how long more she would have to wait.

Apparently, the woman was waiting for more than two hours and decided to ask the staff when would be her turn.

This upset him and he began shouting at her when another patient, a man intervened and tried to calm things down.

However, this made the staff more upset and he began shouting and even shoved the man.

The matter was settled when other staff and patients stepped in and stopped it.

The patient has since lodged a report and the staff concerned has been transferred.

Apparently, according to the Chinese media, he was under a lot of stress and could not control himself.

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