Hats off for offering family ride in the rain

Written by: MT Reader | 17 Jan 2019 11:50
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17 Jan 2019 11:50

Hats off to this man for being a true Malaysian.

T.Susilekumar was on his way from Puchong to Rawang with his wife when he stopped at the Shell Subang to refuel.

There, he noticed a couple with a 15-month-old toddler on a motorcycle.

It was raining heavily and the family was totally drenched.

Susilekumar and his wife were sad to see the little one soaked and asked the husband where they were heading.

Apparently, the family was on their way to Sri Damansara.

Susilekumar said he and his wife then offered the husband to send his wife and kid to their destination while the husband followed on his motorcycle.

They agreed and after dropping them off as Sri Damansara, Susilekumar and his wife went on their way.

Netizens have since praised Susilekumar for his actions and urged others to follow his actions.

The next time we see a family riding in the rain, we should do our part and offer them, especially the kids a ride in our car.

Ali Hamizah
Petaling Jaya

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