Handouts rather than hard work?

Written by: MT Reader | 26 Nov 2018 12:50
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26 Nov 2018 12:50

I just want to get more opinions on a statement made by our prime minister recently.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned that Malaysia would soon be overtaken by its poorer neighbours because its people expect handouts rather than work hard.

He said many Malaysians have become dependent on financial handouts such as the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) under the previous Barisan Nasional administration.

Dr Mahathir predicted that fellow South-East Asian country Vietnam, which had been ravaged by war, would soon overtake Malaysia in the economic ranking because they have a lot of hardworking people.

Personally, I agree with this and feel many Malaysians are simply taking things for granted. Recently, my company had interviews for some vacancies and fresh graduates these days are demanding crazy salaries.

These freshies must understand that they have no working experience at all and cannot be asking for RM2500 - RM3000 as a starting salary.

It is no wonder we have so many unemployed grads these days. I have staff in my office who after many years, are now earning RM3000 a month and these inexperienced freshies are demanding that kind of salary.

I believe that our neighbours are certainly more hardworking than most of us and if we don't buck up soon, we will be terribly left behind.

It is pointless for us to keep giving handouts if people do not want to work for themselves.

Even Indonesia and Thailand do not provide such handouts and the people there are forced to work hard for a living.

Salim Saad
Shah Alam

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