Girl, 14, dies in freak lawn mower blade accident

Written by: mottaman | 13 Feb 2018 15:30
Written by:
13 Feb 2018 15:30

This morning, a female student was killed while her two friends were injured when they struck by a lawn mower blade in a freak accident at the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tuanku Abd Rahman in Gemas.

Tampin district police chief, Superintendent Hamazah Abd Razak, said in the 10.30am incident, Nur Afini Roslan, 14, died at the scene after her head was split in two upon being hit by the blades.

He said two other victims Abdullah Hazlan, 14, and Mohd Farhan Reza Badrol Hesam, 13, suffered light injuries.

This kind of incident should never have happened.

The students should not have been anywhere near the lawn mover and the authorities should have cordoned off the area.

Another clear case of negligence and once again, an innocent young life lost.

Why is it that in Malaysia a tragedy has to strike and only then action will be taken?

The lawn mower, which was in operation, was being pulled by a tractor when the incident occurred. The three students were believed to have been near the machine when tragedy struck.

Why were the girls allowed to be so close to a machine which was in operation?

These are things which must be seriously looked at and stopped to avoid any recurrence.

The girl’s remains were taken to the Tampin Hospital for a post-mortem examination. while the injured students were taken to the Gemas Health Clinic for treatment.

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