Gd night, I going back to rest!

Written by: MT Reader | 25 Dec 2018 17:20
Written by:
25 Dec 2018 17:20

A message from a Grab driver to his passenger has left netizens amused and with a smile on their faces.

A passenger, Wai Hong, had booked a car and while waiting, he got a message from the driver.

"Very2 sorry, I already missed the junction to sri petaling and now very far away to pick u up. gd night. i going back to rest".

So, how do you react to that?

A truly honest and straight forward driver, I would say.

Rather than keep you waiting only to realise your ride is not coming to get you, this is surely a better bet.

Anyway, he made me smile, so I just wanted to share it.

Simon Yong
Petaling Jaya

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