Flying cars? I don't think so

Written by: MT Reader | 27 Feb 2019 14:45
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27 Feb 2019 14:45

I would surely be proud if Malaysia could produce a flying car, but personally, I think there are many more serious issues at hand than to embark on something like this.

Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof recently said a prototype of th car already existed and would be unveiled later this year.

But, as a Malaysian, I would rather my hard earned tax money be used for something more beneficial.

Most of our motorists can hardly even drive properly, can you imagine them in flying cars?

Soon, we will be having collisions in the air and on land ... certainly something we don't want.

While flying cars may soon be a reality in other countries, I do not think Malaysia should waste to much money and resources on it.

Why not work on creating more world standard cars with top notch safety features?

I am sure most Malaysians would love to own a nice car at an affordable price, rather than investing in a flying car.

Shaun Lau

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