FB user shares experience with thoughtful couple

Written by: mottaman | 06 Jan 2019 15:48
Written by:
06 Jan 2019 15:48

A Facebook user recently shared his experience with a Chinese uncle and aunty at an econsave outlet.

According to the post, he noticed the couple standing in line at a counter which was pretty crowded while there were others with lesser crowds.

He overheard the uncle telling his wife, it was wise for her to choose this counter as he had earlier noticed all the others had "amoi Melayu pakai tudug".

Curious, the Facebook, Abdul Halim Hj Omar, struck up a conversation with the aunty on the amount of beer she was buying and eventually asked her why she chose this counter instead of the others.

The aunty told him that she did not want to inconvenience the "amoi Melayu Islam" to touch the beer while for this counter had a "amoi India".

"As I was leaving, I thought to myself, why is it there is so much of misunderstanding among us, while in actual fact, most Malaysians are pretty okay," wrote the FB user.

Hats off to this uncle and aunty for being so sensitive to others.

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