Edi Rejang says sorry (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 21 Nov 2018 08:40
Written by:
21 Nov 2018 08:40

I know many of us were very upset and angry over the recent incident involving several racist remarks made by a man against a beer promoter.

However, I believe this man has leant a very valuable lesson from all this and has since come out an apologised.

Being a Chinese, I am also upset over the incident as the girl did not deserve such treatment.

But from what I understand the person responsible, Edi Rejang also has a small daughter.

Following the incident Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng lodged a police report and Edi Rejang risks being jailed if found guilty under Section 509 of the Penal Code.

The offence is for works or gestures intended to insult the modesty of a woman.

I may be upset with this man, but my heart goes out to the man's little daughter who may have to see her father being dragged to jail.

He was stupid and I think he has realised.

Let this be a lesson to all other racist people out there.

We are Malaysia and we are multi-cultural - learn to accept and live with this.

Together, we make the economy grow and build a better future for ourselves and our children.

Catherine Sim
Petaling Jaya


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