Distracted by phone: Woman loses leg in lift (vid)

Written by: MT Reader | 07 Jan 2018 15:48
Image from metro UK
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07 Jan 2018 15:48

People will never learn. Despite reading numerous reports of how people have even lost their lives because they were distracted by their mobile phones, they still continue doing it.

In the latest incident to go viral, a woman in China allegedly had her leg severed by a faulty lift after getting it trapped between the closing doors.

CCTV footage shows a short-haired woman looking at her phone while walking into the lift. She tripped over and fell to the floor.

Her leg was stuck between the doors as the lift suddenly went up.   

According to reports, the woman was looking at her phone and did not notice the lift had started to move before she walked in.

Another woman behind her luckily escaped the dangerous situation as she did not walk in with her at the same time.

The lift went up for about three floors before it stopped and the woman can be seen lying on the floor and waiting for help.

She struggled to get her leg out and it appeared that the lift had crushed her right lower leg.

The video suggested that her leg was cut off completely below her knee.

Guess, she was lucky to get out alive. People must remember that lifts and escalators are dangerous machines and will stop at nothing.

Better to be safe than sorry. That phone call or message is not as important as your life.

Tan Seng Kew
Petaling Jaya

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