Childcare centres at all workplaces?

Written by: MT Reader | 19 Feb 2019 13:59
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19 Feb 2019 13:59

With the number of working mothers these days, having a childcare centre at the workplace would certainly be a great help.

I recently read that a childcare centre would even be set up in Parliament for the convenience of female MPs and parliamentary staff.

This is certainly a step in the right direction and I hope the government will make it compulsory for all offices to set up one.

There are so many single mothers these days who simply cannot afford the cost of hiring maids or sending their kids to childcare centres.

Many of us mothers go through hell finding a suitable person to look after our kids and many of us hardly spend any time at all with them.

We leave home early in the morning and get back only late in the evenings and if it rains, much later.

Having childcare centres at the workplace would be just great and I really hope the government can do something about this.

Sheila Abdullah
Shah Alam

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