Check receipts, you could be paying for nothing

Written by: MT Reader | 09 Jan 2018 09:48
Nik Yam showing the overpriced anchovies and the bill. Pic Facebook.
Written by:
09 Jan 2018 09:48

In these difficult times, it’s always wise to be an alert and careful consumer.

Of late, we have read many cases in social media of how some consumers end up being cheated by traders out to make a quick buck.

Some of them are genuine mistakes on the part of the trader, but some cases are clear-cut tactics used to profit at the expense of the clueless consumer.

One very bad habit of the Malaysian consumer is their laziness to check their receipts or go through their bills.

Many of us tend to just pay our goods, food and beverages and services without finding out what and how much exactly we were paying for.

If its one or two items, we can make an educated guess, but what if it’s a long list of items, like a grocery bill or a food receipt for a large group?

Like this shopper Nik Yam Chick Zainab, who posted on Facebook her experience of being overcharged by the hundreds.

Her grocery bill at a supermarket in Tanjung Malim came out to RM586.75.

Despite finding it odd, she duly paid and she only realised that the outlet had charged her RM348 for a packet of ikan bilis (anchovies) when she reached home and checked her receipt.

The supermarket later refunded her money.

It is quite apparent that it was probably a genuine technical mistake on the part of the supermarket.

But the point here is mistakes do occur, and so does intentional cheating.

And that is why it’s always best to go through your receipts before you leave the premises.

You never know, there could be an item that you could be paying extra for, or charged for something you did not consume or purchase.

Times are hard. Every sen counts.

Halimahton Bujang
Kuala Lumpur







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