Cartel drama: time for Raub to be returned to UMNO

Written by: Contributor | 07 May 2021 15:29
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07 May 2021 15:29

Cartels seem to be the talk of the town these days, and the vast volume of news reports on various cartels in the past few months is clear evidence that their presence – and influence – is everywhere.

Headed by certain individuals or groups of people who would stop at nothing to protect their own interests, these cartels control vast areas of the economy and worse, they even have ties to Malaysian politics!

The cartels’ influence in politics is a strategic one. In fact, they will be sponsoring two political candidates in the upcoming 15th General Election. Rumour has it that one of these candidates is someone from DAP.

Why is this even surprising? DAP has a long-standing history with the cartels – this is where their main source of income comes from. Another candidate is supposedly from MCA, and this is rather unexpected news!

Both candidates from ‘team cartel’ have supposedly made multiple visits to Raub to kick off their political campaigns in advance.

They are rumoured to have secretly met with crooked businessmen and illegal durian traders. In return for their support, the political candidates with ‘team cartel’ have promised to grant these crooks immunity from prosecution.

The cartels are in a position of confidence that they will emerge triumphant simply for the fact that their ‘secret weapons’ from two major parties – DAP and MCA – are already in position in Raub.

But we must not let the cartel win. It is time for the Raub parliamentary seat to be returned to UMNO, and this is important for the future of the country. Destroy all cartels!


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