Boy who brings little brother to school everyday

Written by: MT Reader | 29 Jan 2019 18:34
Written by:
29 Jan 2019 18:34

Netizens are moved and touched following pictures posted by a teacher in The Philippines of a student who brings his little brother to school everyday following the death of his mother.

Mateo Bano is a Grade Five student and everyday, he brings his little brother to school as there is no one at home to care for him.

At the same time, Mateo does not want to miss any of his classes, so he is left with no choice.

At the tender age of nine, Mateo shoulders a big responsibility after his mother passed away due to some complications during delivery.

His father works in town as a carpenter, leaving Mateo alone at home to look after his brother.

Mateo receives food aid from his school which he shares with his brother daily.

The school has been understanding towards his plight and does not stop him from bringing his little brother to school.

Fortunately since Mateo's plight was highlighted on social media, numerous netizens have come forward to help the boy.

Hope he receives all the help possible and our prayers are with the little ones always.
 Jonathan Ang
 Petaling Jaya

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