Blessings from simple act of feeding stray cats

Written by: MT Reader | 09 Feb 2019 11:48
Written by:
09 Feb 2019 11:48

Doing good to others, including animals, which are all God's creations are bound to be met with kindness in return.

Such is the story of Mohd Fikri Iman Ridwan, 22, who had been jobless for the last two months.

Apparently, this man spent less than RM10 to buy some food for four stray cats in his area and the very next day, was blessed with good news.

The next morning, he received not one, but two job offers - one as an accounts assistant and the other as a fitness coach on weekends.

He also received news that he would be leaving to the holy land soon to perform his umrah.

"Suddenly I was blessed with so many good things. I also received interviews from two other companies.

"I believe it is all a blessing from God for the simple good deed I did," he said.

Though many out these may not believe it, but trust me, one good deed is always blessed with many others.

Doing good to others, including animals is always a wonderful thing.

Andrew Solomon

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