Beating traffic lights and road accidents

Written by: MT Reader | 07 Nov 2018 10:00
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07 Nov 2018 10:00

Despite numerous accidents, some even fatal involving those who beat traffic lights, many continue doing it.

One of the major causes of accidents in the country is because Malaysians love beating traffic lights, especially the motorcyclists.

I strongly believe the high number of accidents in the country is mainly due to our own attitude and carelessness.

Handphones, speeding and numerous other human associated elements are the main cause and hardly anything to do with road conditions or faulty vehicles.

Of course, the greedy lorry operators are also to blame for using faulty tyres, but even this is because of human greed and nothing beyond our control.

Unless we recognise these faults, there is really  nothing much the authorities can do to reduce the number of accidents.

It starts with each one of us and we have to recognise the roles we all play in this big picture.

Sunita Ibrahim

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