Baby falls off stroller. Whose fault is it?

Written by: MT Reader | 24 Jan 2019 16:26
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24 Jan 2019 16:26

A baby apparently fell off its stroller while the parents were pushing it down an escalator at the Kenanga Wholesale City Mall in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Following the incident, netizens began pointing fingers at the parents, some claiming they were too lazy to take the lifts.

Well, as a parent, let me share something with you.

It is not that we are lazy and do not want to take the lifts, it is just that the lifts are always full with healthy, able-bodied people who I believe are just too lazy to walk.

Time and again, we face this problem though there are signs that say priority must be given to the less-able and those with strollers.

Obviously people simply choose to ignore these signs and rush into the lifts without a care.

These days, I simply carry my baby and use the stairs rather than wait at the lifts.

These kind of thing would not be happening if priority was really given to those who truly deserve it.

Lucky, the baby escaped with some minor bruises.

Jack Andrews
Petaling Jaya

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