And this is why lajak bikes must be banned (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Feb 2018 12:30
The moment when the boy went crashing into the car and got his hand run over. Pic Screengrab
Written by:
12 Feb 2018 12:30

Editor, Malaysian Talk.

The attached video clip refers.

This is exactly why the sale of these mosquito bicycles (basikal lajak) must be banned outright in this country.

The video footage I received on my neighbourhood WhatsApp group, said to be shot in the Philippines, clearly shows why lajak bikes are so dangerous.

One must first understand the mechanics first. 

These tiny bikes have no breaks in them, left out by design to so call add more momentum and thrill to the riding experience. 

Add that to kids who are still wet behind the ears as far as riding experience is concerned, you have a disaster waiting to happen.

In this incident (watch below), several boys are messing around in their lajak bikes in a car park.

One almost gets knocked down by a car, but the second boy is not so lucky.

He can't stop in time simply because he has no brakes to do so. 

The boy crashes into the car and lands under it and the car's wheels miss his head but run over his hand. 

Now just imagine boys riding around freely like this in our neighbourhood with bikes without brakes.   


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