'This job ad reads more like modern day slavery'

Written by: MT Reader | 09 Jan 2018 13:54
Is the ad an indication that it's an employers market now in Malaysia, asks the reader. Pic for illustration purposes only.
Written by:
09 Jan 2018 13:54

A friend forwarded me a link to a recruitment advertisement put up in yesterday.

The ad was for the position of hawker stall helper.

Simple enough, right?

Think again. Take a look at the ad (shown below).

Pore over the requirements, terms and conditions and then decide if you can call it a proper job in the first place.

Horrified? Not sure about anyone else, but it reads more like modern day slavery to me.

So, maybe it’s true what they are saying.

Looks like is an employers’ market after all.

And because of the slow economy and lack of employment opportunities these days, like it or not, working-class employees like me and millions of others in this country have to bend over sideways and accept ‘take it or leave it’ offers.

 No employee, hawker assistant or otherwise, should be subjected to such abuse in his workplace.

 This ad speaks volumes about how the employment market is now in this country.

The salary of RM1872-RM2000 may be quite good for a hawker stall helper, but it seems that the employee would be giving back RM10,000 worth of backbreaking work for this employer.

Just read how the arrogant take it or leave it ad sounded.

Could this ad be a representation of how manual workers, often without bargaining power, are treated these days?

The ad had also made its way to social media and forums, and sparked heavy discussion.

While most netizens were aghast at what they were reading, with some even calling the job description illegal, there were one or two who said it was well justified considering the attitude of workers these days.

One netizen who once worked as a hawker’s assistant while waiting for university entry said the ad was almost reflective of what he had gone through for 3 months.

Vouching that such jobs were almost lifeless, he said he now had the utmost respect for hawker stall workers or any kind of workers who dealt with customers in the food and beverage sector.

“They don’t get paid enough for the s**t they get from customers.

“No sick leave and no salary payable if 26 days not worked in that month is illegal as f**k”, said another netizen.

A business owner said while he can understand to a certain extent the ad from an employer’s point of view, he still found it to be a bit extreme by his standard and radical.

“(But) not like slavery though”, he said.

What is clear is that the employer here is flouting a number of labour regulations.

Makes you wonder just how many in the country are presently getting away with such harsh working terms and conditions.

Kuala Lumpur

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