"Missing" daughter found with family member (vid)

Written by: MT Reader | 24 Dec 2018 07:34
Written by:
24 Dec 2018 07:34

A man went through several minutes of hell recently when he realised his three-year-old daughter was missing.

The incident unfolded at the Paradigm Mall in Johor Baru when the man approached security guards on duty to help look for his daughter.

Lucky for this guy, another family member later informed him that his kid was safe with them.

He then proceeded to thank everyone in the mall who came forward to help him look for the kid.

Thank God everything ended well for this family, but there is a painful lesson to be learnt from all this.

With the increasing number of children going missing these days, it is always best never to take your eyes off them, even for a second.

I have many friends who claim they have had unpleasant encounters with strangers approaching their kids, especially at crowded malls.

Though it may seem cruel, perhaps it is time we all began using a child-leash to make sure our kids don't wander too far.

Cynthia Nathan

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