'Mat Lajaks have no business being on the road'

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Jan 2018 13:58
The aftermath of the Pontian accident and the mosquito bikes seized in Penang (right)
Written by:
11 Jan 2018 13:58

*Update: This letter published earlier had indicated that the four cyclists were using mosquito bikes. The writer had based this on news reports. Johor police have since clarified that they had been using normal bicycles but without proper lighting. This letter has since been factually amended. 

Barely 24 hours after Penang police hauled in four boys for pulling off dangerous stunts with their mosquito bikes in the notorious Balik Pulau-Teluk Bahang road, two more of young cyclists were killed in an accident in Pontian, Johor.

Two other friends were also involved in the mishap which happened when a car rammed into them at 10.30pm yesterday.

The two friends survived but were seriously injured.

When Johor police declared that they were going all out to put a stop to Mat Lajak activity in the state, I was very happy.

This was because I use the middle ring road here in JB in my commute to work daily and I can still remember that horrific night when the eight boys died after they were also rammed by a car.

Even before that incident, I have come across these bikers many times, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning as they go freewheeling at breakneck speed downhill.

It is essentially a death wish.

There is no way these boys can stop in time while doing that sort of speed on bikes with no brakes installed.

Counting in the fact that they are the type that do not wear any protective gear, chances of escaping unharmed should anything happen is hardly possible.

More importantly, they are also a menace on the road.

Because of them, motorists like myself have to go very very slow just in case any one of them stray into my lane.

Obviously, Johor police have not really cast their net wide enough throughout the state to stop this activity.

It’s time a campaign is mounted to educate parents and the boys themselves why it’s dangerous.

If need be, make it illegal to own these bikes and impose heavy fines, or maybe even a short jail term for repeat offenders.

These Mat Lajaks are a nuisance and have no business being on the road.

Azimin Mohd
Johor Baru

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