'Are we losing control of their presence here?'

Written by: MT Reader | 06 Jan 2018 14:13
Police officers, surrounded by the night market crowd, inspecting the body and crime scene. Sinar Harian pic
Written by:
06 Jan 2018 14:13

Have we been giving them too much freedom and hospitality?

Have they become too bold to the extent they take our welcome here for granted?

Are our laws and enforcement too soft for these folk that they don't respect them anymore despite being in a foreign land? 

These are the burning question we Malaysians must surely ask when foreigners can commit a brutal murder against a fellow Malaysian right in full public view.  

According to news reports, the 29-year-old cosmetics seller from Kedah who just recently started his business at a night market in Taman Seri Muda, Shah Alam was killed in an attack by four men believed to be Indonesians.

The fact that four foriegn nationals are bold enough to visit a night market and slit the throat of a Malaysian trader in front of scores of people before cooly walking away, must surely speak volumes of how little respect foreigners have for our laws and our people these days. 

It seems they are no more here to earn a living and then go home when they are done.

It seems they find this land of 'milk and honey' is also ripe for them to do as they like: Robberies, murder, rape, burglaries, scams, drugs and the list goes on. 

The thing is, why is it getting bad to worse? Is it because the foreigners think they can easily get away with crimes and manipulate our system?

Is it because there are just too many of them that the authorities have just lost control of their numbers and presence here?

All these only the authorities can answer. When a gang of four Indonesians can murder a Malaysian in full view of a crowded night market, it's definitely time to worry.   

Rizal Effendi
Shah Alam

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