Lodges false report after gambling away money

She was nabbed after police found discrepancies in her report

Unfair to label all landlords as racist

Reader says some landlords prefer tenants of a certain race for numerous reasons

Valentine's Day killer escapes death sentence

He believed his girlfriend and he would be reborn and reunited in heaven

Jail & rotan for raping girlfriend's daughter

The accused, who was unrepresented, asked the court to show leniency

Woman gets money bouquet worth RM9,000!

The florist said the bouquet was made up of Singapore bank notes totaling RM9,000 in total

Caught in the act stealing clothes (video)

These days, nothing is safe anymore and we have to keep on eye on all our belongings

It was my car, says Minister

He said his children used the OKU lot as they were taking his aged father-in-law, who is wheelchair bound, to eat

It's a car, it's a bike, no, it's a carbike? (vid)

A carbike for her to use from home to work daily to sell nasi lemak

Captain suspended for allowing attendant on seat

The attendant was at the time in the cockpit to clear the meal trays

No herbal product approved to cure dengue

The ministry advised people not to easily believe doubtful claims made by any products

Robbed as she was about to get into car (video)

Upon seeing them, the woman dropped her handbag and managed to run away

Woman attacked after refusing to accept ex

Police have since detained the suspect, from Bangladesh, and he is under remand now

Poverty forces kids to eat from school dustbin

Family been getting by each day with the help of neighbours, the welfare department and NGOs

Mum of tortured Indonesian maid cries for justice

Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran reiterated that Malaysia was ready to "declare war" on human trafficking

Snatch theft victim refuses to let go (video)

The victim refused to let go of his bag and was seen clinging on to the rider

Man slashed by wife's ex-husband

The incident took place about 9.30am when the 30-year-old victim, Kasim Martin was eating at his workplace

Outrage over dog being dragged by pick-up (video)

Netizens are urging the cops to take immediate action against those responsible

Murdered child an innocent victim of vengeance

The victim, from Cambodia was beaten on her head with a blunt object by the 23-year-old suspect

Women in a man's world

Though normally regarded as a man's job, they both take their daily challenges in their stride

Merciless killing of pangolins continues

Steps have been taken to stop this massacre by upgrading the conservation status of this species

Fined for tossing cigarette butt out of car

The council's enforcement managed to track him down based on the recording and his car registration plate

Come clean on the degree issues, Pakatan

We are a nation trying to move forward and need qualified, credible leaders, not fakes, says reader

Do not speculate on death of Minister's son, cops

Police said there was nothing suspicious surrounding the death

Woman back from holiday finds cats dead

When she got home on Feb 5, her neighbour informed her that their cats were missing

Man forced out of speeding car (video)

Police are appealing to anyone with information on the incident to contact them

Woman bathes dog in baby changing room (video)

Netizens outraged over her insensitive act

College student hangs himself after mum scolds him

Initially, the family did not take the threats seriously as he had made similar threats before

Woman puts up brave fight with robber (video)

The 29-year-old woman was in the shop, which belonged to her father when the 23-year-old suspect came in

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