What are trying to imply, Shafee?

Reader upset over Shafee's statement over Najib's alleged selfie in court

Oopss..Datuk Seri did it again (video)

The fracas was allegedly over a woman

Dad splashes son with hot water over money dispute

The son had gone to claim his share of some insurance money

Najib seen taking photograph during proceedings

The court police are authorised to seize any recording device if one is caught breaking this rule

Kitty was shocked but is fine

Lucky kitty escaped with just a minor jolt

Proton X50 to hit streets soon

This smaller SUV is expected to be much more affordable

Mechanic fined RM8k for messing with cop

He had refused to co-operate and signed off using a vulgar name

Man slaps & punches woman (video)

The incident is believed to have occurred following a traffic dispute

Women who don't cover up asking for trouble?

Clothes are not an indication of sexual consent

New IGP from this Saturday

Before being named the new IGP, Abdul Hamid was the director of the force's Special Branch

M'sians main concern now crime and economy

The poll said the global average of people who think their country was on the wrong track was 58%

Freelance preacher nabbed by cops

The preacher was detained in Perlis for allegedly insulting Hinduism

Outrage over bullying of innocent boy (video)

Netizens have urged the cops to nab and punish the bully

Kind gesture by mamak restaurant staff

The staff was seen feeding a disabled man with a spoon

Maybe he thinks he is driving an 18-wheeler?

Motorist seen taking up three parking lots in Cyberjaya

Woman claims she was sex slave for two years

She lodged a report claiming she was made a 48-year-old ustaz's sex slave for the last two years

Student gets 38 stitches after being bashed up

The worse part is that the private school even tried to cover up the incident

Teen molested in ambulance on the way to hospital

Ambulance staff had groped her breasts and even violated her with his finger

Bond between a Muslim man and a stray

The dog then began guarding the house and one day, it walked into the compound covered in blood

Calls for action against bully (video)

Despite an apology by the bully's father, netizens are still demanding for action against the bully

"Missing" boy was asleep in school bus

According to reports, the boy had earlier attended his kindergarten's sports day rehearsal

Unrecorded Good Friday leave for civil servants

This was stated in a circular from the director-general of Public Service yesterday

RTD officers remanded for protecting lorry drivers

24 RTD enforcement officers were among 29 individuals from the RTD nabbed by the MACC in Penang

Shocking number of snatch thefts (video)

What would be the best way to curb such cases?

Couple found dead in rented room

According to reports, the landlady found the man, 31, hanged while the 27-year-old woman was sprawled on her bed

Tourist takes a dump in PD beach!

The woman is apparently a tourist from China

Well, you did say green cars only right?

Owners of green cars use literal interpretation

Monkey menace in Tropicana Heights (video)

Residents fear for the safety of their children

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