Daybreak Shenanigans in Kepong

A hawker claimed that three police officers tried to intimidate and extort RM3,000 from him.

Man in Melaka gets lost, ends up in Johor

The 81-year-old man in Melaka goes out to purchase food but loses his way and ends up travelling 80km to Johor.

Iconic Coliseum Café in KL shuts down for good

The iconic café will not reopen to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

Survey: Vapers, smokers more likely to get COVID

According to surveys, smokers are twice more likely to suffer from a more severe COVID-19 complications.

No need for PDRM letter for vaccine appointment

Those with COVID-19 vaccination appointments during lockdown period don’t need a permission letter from PDRM.

Pregnant woman flouts SOPs, tests +ve for COVID

The irresponsible mother had ignored Hari Raya SOPs and put her unborn child's life in danger.

Compound for shopping over two-hour limit

The operation would focus on supermarkets, shopping complexes, farmers’ markets, night markets and other premises.

Is train service still safe?

This comes after the two-train collision on the LRT Kelana Jaya line at KLCC on Monday.

Uncle Kentang Receives Commonwealth Award

Kuan Chee Heng, fondly known as Uncle Kentang, receives Commonwealth Award for his countless acts of charity.

Empty highway turns racetrack for mat rempits

The empty LDP becomes a race track for motorcyclists in the wee hours of the morning.

Close call for myBurgerLab

The restaurant in Subang was almost fined RM25,000 because an employee was eating inside the store.

Cartel drama: time for Raub to be returned to UMNO

The cartel’s presence and influence is everywhere, even in Malaysian politics.

#CucukMYAZ hashtag makes its rounds on Twitter

Malaysian netizens did not miss the double entendre that can be derived from the hashtag and had a little laugh.

Phase 3 of the NIP might be delayed; here’s why

According to MOSTI minister Khairy Jamaluddin, the third phase might be delayed due to low supply of vaccines.

Jobstreet: 93% Asians prefer work flexibility

The study revealed that a vast majority of Asians prefer flexible work arrangements.

Mastering mathematics with Math-Ace

Math-Ace is meant for children aged eight to 12. It asks 200 math-related questions, and accommodates 2-6 players.

FoodPanda rider asks for harassment to stop

“I didn’t even do anything wrong and yet I was being treated like a criminal.”

Committing to a safe environment for students

Survivors who have been harassed, sexually or otherwise, find it difficult to come forward for fear of repercussions.

UPSR abolished, PT3 cancelled this year

UPSR is gone for good, while PT3 for 2021 is cancelled, according to the education ministry.

Neelofa fined for flouting SOPs at wedding

The star and her family were slapped with a compound of RM60,000 for violating SOPs at her wedding.

Burger seller in Kelantan fined RM50k

He was fined for running a food outlet outside his home and exceeding MCO time limit.

MP to sue academician for baseless accusation

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim is suing the lecturer who accused him of doing charity for publicity.

Lat to publish second 'Mat Som' book

The 70-year-old is set to publish a second Mat Som book after more than 30 years.

Gen Z top food trends

Healthy snacking and going meatless are the top trends among Gen Z these days.

Red Hong Yi: Climate is everything

Red Hong Yi created an image that is part sculpture, part performance art.

Heritage Matters

Historic Convent Bukit Nanas should be declared a national heritage site, not demolished.

COVID-19 positive model apologises for Ipoh fiasco

She visited a few places in Ipoh before receiving news that her result has come back positive.

A Ramadhan lesson on tolerance

Lee Chong Wei taught his son a priceless lesson about Ramadan and tolerance.

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