Many who live on the streets are there by choice

Volunteer worker says many prefer life on the streets and are there by choice

Apology for belittling S&R efforts at bridge

The man, Chuah Chun Howe shook hands with several firemen at the Jalan Perak fire station in Penang today

Reader: Let us not try to be the judge and jury

There is no need to call the other driver all kinds of names, says reader

Pregnant mum among those killed in accident

The couple’s eldest daughter and her three-year-old brother were injured in the incident

Firecracker chaos at Batu Caves (video)

About 34 people were injured when someone allegedly threw a fire cracker

Close call for woman in carpark accident (video)

Half of the car was hanging in mid-air during the 7.45pm incident yesterday

Toyota Vios driver tested positive for cannabis

The driver's urine test was positive for the drug and police would be conducting more tests

Charms used in restaurant to draw more customers

The charms were found hanging and placed around the shop

Search resumes for missing SUV driver in Penang

To date, police have recorded statements from five people, including two of the victim's friends

Woman almost duped by Indonesian maid scam

A man promised her an Indonesian maid within a month for a fee of RM11,000

Search on for SUV which crashed into sea (video)

A witness said they tried to find the victims but were unsuccessful

Man nabbed for slapping doctor

The man slapped the doctor for refusing to give his wife a medical certificate

Old man robbed in broad daylight (video)

Reader worries about safety of his aged parents each time they leave the house

Ministry taken to task over baby dumping poster

Many felt that religious upbringing should not be stated as among the reasons for the problem

Beaten up for telling men to stop smoking

The men even warned the owner that they would use their car to wreck the stall later

Cops looking for OKU bully suspect (video)

Police said they have since identified the man and were actively looking for him

Maid believed to have been robbed, raped & killed

She was found naked one a bed in one of the rooms in her apartment

Fireman's inquest to begin next month

A total 30 witnesses are expected to be called

Lessons from a little kid (video)

A beautiful lesson from a little kid on kindness and generosity

Cops give Orang Asli family ride home in rain

These are the kind of cops we need

Metal thief caught in the act (video)

His actions could lead to someone losing their life

Beauty queen stripped of crown after viral video

She also appealed to the public to stop blaming her mother, saying it was her own fault

Child left alone sweating & crying in locked car

Apparently, the little girl was left locked inside for about 30 minutes

Nabbed after crashing into several vehicles (vid)

The incident also went viral on social media

Lady owner mauled by pet crocodile

The crocodile had eaten one of the woman's hands and most of her abdomen was missing

Family of missing teacher appeals for help

Her husband returned home two hours later and discovered her phone on a cupboard

Hats off for offering family ride in the rain

This man could not bear to see a mother and her 15-month-old toddler getting soaked in the rain

Total loss car up for sale again in Mudah,my

Following the accident at the Jelapang toll plaza in Ipoh, the car was declared a total loss and beyond repair

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