Please, keep your kids out of it, says reader

Reader hits out at children of politicians who he claims do not understand the pain and suffering of the rakyat

Man nabbed for molesting his grandniece

The girl woke up when she she suddenly felt something heavy on her

New K9 unit for Sabah Fire & Rescue Department

These dogs were specially trained in The United Kingdom and were sold at RM110,000 each

Baby boy born with 12 toes in Kuantan

Little Muhamad Harras Zaffran arrived into this world healthy and kicking and yes, with 12 toes

Driver of crashed bus probably high on drugs

Investigating officers who went to the location saw the driver, 33, throwing something into a drain

Car crashes through wall of parking lot

Fortunately, the driver escaped with only minor bruises

Muslim woman seen carrying dog to safety (video)

Reader believes this woman deserves an award. Well done!

Najib's daughter pens emotional message on Insta

Along with the message, Nooryana posted a photo of her mother, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor carrying her as a child

Woman found dead in river from The Philippines

The embassy is waiting for an official report and autopsy results

Joy in saving homeless street kids

Once out in the streets himself, it is now David's mission to get as many children off the streets as he can

Driver caught beating red light in Malacca (video)

A majority of accidents here are caused by our own negligence and stupidity

Student and marathon marshal seriously injured

They were hit by a car from behind early this morning

IT consultant dies of heart attack in car

Police said the girlfriend, an accountant called for help

Newly married couple killed in accident

The incident occurred at KM131.2 of the Jalan Kuantan-Johor Baru stretch today

Was anti-ICERD rally a waste of time? (video)

Melia Serena, who is Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir's daughter, claims Vision 2020 was lost because of them

Lorry driver beaten up after crash (video)

The driver crashed into some cars and a house before stopping

Even angels make mistakes, says Tun M

It is wiser to realise a mistake and backtrack rather than to be ignorant about it

Bomb scare in Ipoh restaurant

The "bomb" turned out to be some wires bundled together with tape and a bottle cap

Lorry driver who drove against traffic nabbed

The driver had several outstanding summonses that included using his mobile phone while driving and dangerous overtaking

Push ups for Thai traffic offenders (video)

Reader suggests this sort of punishment for minor traffic offenders here

When a picture paints a thousand words

All the money in the world cannot buy the warmth, love and hugs a father can give

Rallies and their negative effect on businesses

Business operator in Kuala Lumpur upset over loss of business each time rallies are held

More than 155 duped in Musang King scam

Cops said the scam was promoted widely on social media since August this year

Shocking: Lorry driving against traffic (video)

Endangering his life and the lives of numerous others

Baby found abandoned at changing area

Social worker asks if there is any solution to this problem

Lower secondary allowed to bring computer devices

This move, according to deputy education minister, Teo Nie Ching, would allow students to access digital textbooks

University student held for pimping

Police nabbed a 36-year-old woman from an apartment when she was with a client

Overloaded lorry tips over in Kemaman (video)

Fortunately nobody was injured in the incident

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