A week's allowance for having long hair?

Is it hair to fine a university student RM100 just for having long hair?

Outrage over slapping incident at mosque (video)

The victim was apparently a less-able boy collecting donations

Armed robbers escape empty-handed (video)

The victim managed to run into the house in time and close the door

GTR courting danger on Karak Highway (video)

GTR driver caught driving dangerously on Karak Highway

5-year-old child abuse victim dies

Bruises on the chest, cigarette burn marks on the soles, cuts on the lips and bruises to the right eye and forehead

Woman almost kidnapped by two men

The woman managed to run into her house and lock the door

Restaurant adds something "extra" into food

Customers who had eaten there complained of fatigue and hallucinations

Abu Sayyaf threaten to behead 3 men (video)

Video shows one of the men, believed to be from the Abu Sayyaf group holding a machete to the victim's neck

Strange statue found at surau (video)

Nobody knows where the statue suddenly came from

Najib's former PR advisor to be charged?

He is expected to be charged in abstentia as he fled Malaysia after the last general election

Private hospital apologises for "racist" ad

The hospital said it did not reflect the values of the organisation and they corrected the information immediately

Couple nabbed for abuse of 13-year-old boy

The man is the child's step-father who is a local, while the mother is a foreigner

13-year-old boy almost kidnapped

The boy was walking home from school when a car suddenly pulled up and a man tried to pull him into the car

Car knocks into traffic cop from behind (video)

Reader believes the driver was playing with his handphone at the time of the incident

6 killed in fire at entertainment outlet (updated)

Firemen said the dead are believed to be aged 36 and 37-years-old

Man seen repeatedly hitting boy behind neck (vid)

The boy had allegedly pasted chewing gum on the man's car

Childcare centres at all workplaces?

Reader hopes the government will make it compulsory for all offices to set up a childcare centre

Suspect armed with knife robs woman (video)

The suspect then fled in a car driven by an accomplice who was waiting outside the shop

Gadget used to clone ATM cards uncovered (video)

Cops nab three suspects who used some sort of gadget to clone ATM cards

Squash queen set to call it day

The 35-year-old squash queen from Penang said she had finally decided

Man who attacked woman in lift nabbed

Police said the suspect was arrested at a house in Taman Cheras about 8.10pm

Youths need to recognise the prospects of TVET

Many youths do not see the potential in this industry and the kind of money they can earn here

Grab driver claims trial to robbery and rape

Anuar Shaiful Rozali, 31, pleaded not guilty after charges were read out to him

Bad breath & body odour among reasons for divorce

A couple was seeking divorce because the wife claimed her husband smelt like a cockroach

Tanker burst into flames after landing on side

The driver of the tanker is believed to have lost control of the vehicle

Stepped up security following lift robbery

Passengers can now request a staff member to escort them to their car

Man who accidentally set wife on fire surrenders

The man ignited a lighter to scare the wife, but the flames got to her tudung

M'sians detained in Cambodia reunited today

Their flight from Siam Reap landed at the Kuching International Airport today

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