Cops give Orang Asli family ride home in rain

These are the kind of cops we need

Metal thief caught in the act (video)

His actions could lead to someone losing their life

Beauty queen stripped of crown after viral video

She also appealed to the public to stop blaming her mother, saying it was her own fault

Child left alone sweating & crying in locked car

Apparently, the little girl was left locked inside for about 30 minutes

Nabbed after crashing into several vehicles (vid)

The incident also went viral on social media

Lady owner mauled by pet crocodile

The crocodile had eaten one of the woman's hands and most of her abdomen was missing

Family of missing teacher appeals for help

Her husband returned home two hours later and discovered her phone on a cupboard

Hats off for offering family ride in the rain

This man could not bear to see a mother and her 15-month-old toddler getting soaked in the rain

Total loss car up for sale again in Mudah,my

Following the accident at the Jelapang toll plaza in Ipoh, the car was declared a total loss and beyond repair

Monk held over alleged sexual abuse of boys

The boys decided to lodge reports when they could no longer stand his abuses

Medical student charged for pimping

Mohd Luqman Zulkepli, 29, was charged with committing the offence at a hotel in Kuala Terengganu

Beware of house break in gang in JB (video)

The car was seen moving along slowly when it suddenly stopped and two men got down

Sex education subject for schools soon?

Records show that nine per cent of the total number of students in remove classes nationwide are sexually active

Surgery, all because of a bead from a head scarf

A bead from the mother's tudung entered the toddler's ear and got lodged inside

Cops investigate alleged rape of seven-year-old

The Johor Education Department would also be investigating the alleged incident as it happened in school

To spend RM21,000 on a handphone?

Reader says he would not spend more than RM1,500 on a handphone

Cancer patient marries long time love (video)

Chan Teck Kong, 80, is seen pushing a frail, but happy Peggy Chai in a wheelchair into a room at the hospital

Year One student allegedly raped by classmates

The victim's mother then brought her to the Sultan Ismail Hospital here for a medical check-up

Student in ICU after attack (video)

According to reports, the incident was over some electronic game at a shopping mall

So, do we call this police brutality? (video)

To me personally, this kind of person deserves a kick or two, says reader

Aunty who "jumped" from apartment was sleeping!

A man thought the woman had jumped from her apartment only to realise later, she had fallen asleep

No phones near the pumps, please

Petronas advised the communications team of a minister not to use any mobile phones near petrol pumps

The true face of poverty in our country

How a woman had approached her for some money to get some food and also asked her if she had any sanitary pads

Woman finds metal object in peanut snack

Foo Yen Pyng said she was eating her peanut snack (kok zai) when she suddenly felt something hard and sharp

Contractor shot at close range

Suddenly, two men on a motorcycle, dressed in black, wearing helmets with visors stopped nearby

Confusion over "cross" symbol in Penang

Penang Mufti, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor wants the authorities to investigate this

Boy pleads guilty to committing incest with sister

The act led to the birth of a baby girl on Dec 5, last year

Hit and run suspect flees (video)

A witness managed to record the incident

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