Innocent pleads guilty to cheating KL developer

Nigerian was charged together with his fiance.

Cops fire at 4WD as it speeds off (video)

Police were forced to open fire on a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle, with two passengers

A most unlucky vehicle hijacker

Two failed hijacking attempts in less than two hours and arrested by the cops before 9am!

Video of traffic cop's indifference go viral

A 30-second video of a traffic policeman not doing anything when traffic violations was happening right under his nose,

X-rated videos of HK, Taiwan stars leaked online

Sexually explicit videos of over 20 Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, including actors and basketball players have been leaked

Cat chews up uni scroll

A testament of knowledge in finance and accounting is nothing more than cat food

Injured mum not told three kids killed in accident

During the 2.45pm incident yesterday, the mother and three kids were on their way to Penang from Melaka

Muar-born is Western Aust police of the year

MALAYSIAN migrant Sam Lim, who hailed from Muar has been named the police officer of the year in Western Australia.

Giant python captured in Kelantan

Kelantan civil defence force director Zainuddin Hussin said the six-metre long python was caught in Kampung Lawar

Indian hockey skipper weds Malaysian sweetheart

The happy occasion was attended by family, relatives, national team players, officials, and invited guests

Local graduate works as garbage collector in Spore

A DEVELOPMENT Science graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has been working as a garbage collector in Sing

Super spreader strain behind Sivagangga cluster?

THE Sivagganga Covid-19 cluster ​may have originated from Egypt.

Don't go hysterical over all pink wrist straps

Penang pet cafe issues pink wrist straps to patron way before Covid-19 was a thing.

Mall visitors only need to take temperature once

Water theme parks are also required to follow the same SOPs as swimming pools.

Cop fires two shots at car tyre (video)

Along the congested stretch, the policeman got off his bike and went towards the car and asked the driver to stop

Single mother cries foul

Glaring show of injustice and inequality before the law

Delivery rider gets surprise RM100 tip

A pleasant surprise indeed

Cop on MCO duty saves pup from drain (video)

Beyond the call of duty surely

Indian couple name twins Corona & Covid

The twins were born at the Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital in Raipur

Nation shows appreciation to front-line staff

The "Power of Sound" was earlier publicised on social media and was held for 10 minutes from 8.30pm yesterday

Foreign delegates visit TRRC Malacca

First-hand experience for the foreign delegates on how this remarkable centre operates

Woman goes crazy as car is towed (video)

Should the authorities have let her off so easily?

Virus free nasi goreng up for grabs!

Reader spots woman selling fried rice putting up label to convince customers her products are virus free

What now Mr AG?

Pressure on AG to reopen gay porn investigations after fresh evidence found

Senseless act of animal cruelty (video)

Man seen dragging dog tied to his motorcycle

Please pray for her, Malaysia

In hospital with Influenza A

How did the car end up on the other side? (video)

Innocent van driver hurt in the collision

Too busy buying numbers to notice alligator

Wonder where the alligator came from

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