Old man caught in the act (video)

Old man seen getting out from van and stealing a woman's undergarments

Shocking case of abuse (video)

The harrowing video clip shows a woman beating, slapping and heavily pounding on a baby girl as she changes her diaper

Rat crawls up teen's leg, bites her on thigh

As she was walking to the shopping centre from her car, she said she felt something crawling up her right leg

Bashed up over a minor bump (video)

A man is in critical condition after being beaten up by a group just because he accidentally bumped into another man

End of the road for duo (video)

Cops nab duo after they rob female motorcyclist

PDRM...get them (video)

Driver threatened with parang after honking at another

"Tough guy" who smashed windscreen nabbed (video)

Cops have since nabbed and remanded the suspect

Pukau duo caught by public (video)

The women were roughed up before being handed over to the cops

Woman assaulted for wrong turn? (video)

She could have been your wife, mother or daughter

Ticked off for bringing dog to lobby (video)

Man gets abusive after security guard ticks him off for bringing his dog to the apartment block lobby

Singaporean caught changing registration plates

Probably out to break every traffic rule in Malaysia

Man & horse die in accident

The horse allegedly escaped from a nearby stable

Man tells court 8-year-old girl led him on

He said he had rejected her several times, but that she went on to place his hands on her private parts!

Son's painful Raya after losing beloved mother

He still sends messages to her old phone

They were to tie the knot next year

A couple, both nurses were killed in an accident while returning home from work

Rehab centre offers new hope to many

Malaysia's first Neuro-Robotics Rehabilitation & Cybernics Centre was launched today in Malacca

Vellfire with same plates spotted (video)

Owner of a Toyota Vellfire spots another which looks alike and has the same registration plates

What are trying to imply, Shafee?

Reader upset over Shafee's statement over Najib's alleged selfie in court

Oopss..Datuk Seri did it again (video)

The fracas was allegedly over a woman

Dad splashes son with hot water over money dispute

The son had gone to claim his share of some insurance money

Najib seen taking photograph during proceedings

The court police are authorised to seize any recording device if one is caught breaking this rule

Kitty was shocked but is fine

Lucky kitty escaped with just a minor jolt

Proton X50 to hit streets soon

This smaller SUV is expected to be much more affordable

Mechanic fined RM8k for messing with cop

He had refused to co-operate and signed off using a vulgar name

Man slaps & punches woman (video)

The incident is believed to have occurred following a traffic dispute

Women who don't cover up asking for trouble?

Clothes are not an indication of sexual consent

New IGP from this Saturday

Before being named the new IGP, Abdul Hamid was the director of the force's Special Branch

M'sians main concern now crime and economy

The poll said the global average of people who think their country was on the wrong track was 58%

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