Biker lands in drain trying to avoid car (video)

Even a traffic cop was seen helping others pull the motorcycle out of the drain

Man sets himself on fire after tiff with partner

The 21-year-old man suffered almost 90% burns on the body

Remove all videos of mosque shootings, says MCMC

The MCMC also said that they would continue to monitor the spread of such videos on the Internet

Schools to close if haze worsens

The ministry said schools had been given the authority to make the decision which is in the SOP

Boy who suffers from abnormal growth needs help

The family depends solely on handouts and welfare aid to get by

Principal to be removed for segregating students

The decision by the principal was illogical and only a school manager who is shallow would do such a thing

"My dad should be alive today," says daughter

The ambulance with a patient inside actually went to a Petronas station to refuel!

Tony F quits FB because of the amount of "hate"

He said Facebook could have done more to stop some of this

Maid flees with valuables, baby left unattended

Fortunately, the security guards found the baby before something unfortunate happened

Muslim convert continues to follow tradition

This can be seen during Ching Ming, when the Chinese visit the graves of their relatives to pay their respects

M'sian caught with child exploitation material

According to reports, the 36-year-old suspect appeared in the Perth Magistrate's Court yesterday

And yet, another chemical dumping incident

Several unknown chemical substances were believed to have been dumped at a nearby pond and flowed into Klang River

Who is to blame for chemical waste? (video)

Do we blame the government or was it a deliberate act of sabotage?

Students eat pizza for first time - tks to teacher

The teacher found out none of her students had eaten pizza, so with her mum's help decided to make it for them

Car crashes into restaurant along highway (video)

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident

State or emergency over chemical dumping (video)

The government has since ordered a total of 111 schools in and around Pasir Gudang in Johor closed

Beware companies which do not make Socso payments

Socso will also be taking legal action against the factory concerned for not making the due payments

Elderly woman rescued from flat unit (video)

The woman is believed to have been abused by her children

Another shocking animal abuse case

A man noticed the motorcyclist with the dog howling in pain just as he stepped out of a temple

Wise to welcome back those who left to join IS?

Malaysians who left the country to join the IS will be allowed to return provided they comply with enforcement checks

Nude transgender shocker in Bkt Bintang (video)

A nude transgender was spotted dancing and running up and down cars

Man murders boss after getting fired in Singapore

Upset and enraged over the news, he confronted his former boss later that day and attacked him with a kitchen knife

IMU student on home leave, offered counselling

On Monday, IMU announced that it would conduct an internal investigation into the matter

Worker puts up fight with armed robber (video)

Police said they have since obtained the CCTV footage and confirmed that the registration plates were false

Elderly monk charged with raping four-year-old

The monk refused to answer any questions and police later took him to be disrobed at a nearby temple

Form One student attempts suicide (video)

The student admitted to trying to commit suicide because he was frustrated with a girl

So, what kind of dog was it? asks reader

"My dog ate the ATM card," is a pretty common excuse, but a dog inflicting a wrist injury ... well, that's a new one

Cops nab two wanted suspects (video)

Initial investigations revealed the duo worked as a factory operator and shop assistant respectively

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