Divorce, snoring spouses and night laundry

Some husbands dislike their wives eating in the car, which is also a reason for divorce

Corruption in Malaysia at worrying level?

Malaysia's ranking in the 2017 CPI dropped seven places to 62 out of 180 countries

Suspect confesses to bathing and dressing baby

The suspect, who is the babysitter's husband earlier denied even handling the baby

Beware fake police identification cards

The Police Cyber Crime Alert Unit has issued a warning to be on the alert

Fake or real? (video)

Netizens claim video of a man allegedly driving against traffic in Bukit Jalil is a fake video

Robbed by motorcyclists who faked accident

Female driver loses necklace, purse and laptop to seven men on motorcycles

Ex-minister charged for molest

He was wearing a dark blazer and heavily-tinted sunglasses and was accompanied by his wife

Mum wants justice for murdered daughter

According to Noraihan Ab Aziz, 22, she will not be calm till the offender is brought to justice

Man climbs on car roof to safety from floods

Within minutes the tunnel was filled with water

Baby dies after alleged rape by caretaker's hubby

There were also bruises found on the top left and right sides of the victim’s head

Teenager claims rape by cop in Sarikei

The girl claims the cop, about to retire, raped her in the police station toilet

Nabbed for showing cops middle finger

The 37-year-old suspect had also raised his voice at the police personnel

Sad tale of a garbage collector who stole a bike

He stole a motorcycle to help pay the bill for his wife's surgery

Wild sex & drugs party in KL (video)

Party goers would pay a RM60 cover charge (each) to attend the party, and would pay extra if they wanted drugs

Man suffers injuries after struggle with snake

The man screamed for help and was helped by his father

Woman records man in underwear entering her home

The man is allegedly her neighbour and has entered her home before

Senior citizen stabbed in right hand

The suspect is believed to be either mentally unstable or under the influence of drugs

Anyone know this insensitive driver (video)

Man double parks, blocks traffic but appears relentless when confronted

Female firefighters help prevent suicide

Two female firefighters managed to coax the 22-year-old woman not to jump off the 11th floor

Man masturbates in front of girls in KL (video)

The girls were having drinks at Starbucks in KLCC when the man suddenly appeared and did his "business"

Woman robbed at fuel station (video)

A man with a parang threatened her and made off with her iPhone

Falling tree causes KTM rail disruptions

Be careful during this rainy season, Falling trees pose a serious threat to motorists and other road users

Shafie is the legitimate Sabah chief minister

The decision puts an end to the political uncertainty in the state following the May 9 general election

Freak accident involving raincoat (video)

A pillion rider escapes with scratches after his raincoat get caught in the rim

Thief returns bike with apology note

Apparently, the thief wanted to experience how it felt to ride a big bike

Woman falls in snatch theft incident (video)

The woman sustained minor injuries in the incident

Car washed down monsoon drain

Three foreign students escaped with minor injuries

Extra Deepavali day off for civil servants

This will be an additional holiday to the Deepavali public holiday on Tuesday

Ukrainian woman gets life imprisonment for drugs

The accused broke down after Judge Datuk Abdul Wahab Mohamed meted out the sentence

Nurse on way home stops to help accident victim

Hats off to this nurse

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