Tragedy waiting to happen at bike lanes

Stolen metal covers leave drain open to unsuspecting motorcyclists using the bike lane along the Federal Highway

Wakes up to find all four tyres missing

The car was parked in the front porch and the gate was locked

Residents at wits end over garbage problem (video)

Residents claim the problem is mainly caused by foreigners who rent the flat units

Taking your dog to a Malay stall ... really?

Reader upset with woman who took her poodle to buy food at a Malay stall

A Chinese cannot help a Malay in distress?

A group of Malay men told a Chinese man to mind his own business when he went to help a Malay accident victim

Passenger's bag damaged on MAS Langkawi flight

Though the bag was not worth much, it had plenty of sentimental value to her

House fire believed to be sparked by fire crackers

Fortunately there were no casualties or injuries

Puppy allegedly shot by Kulai council personnel

The puppy was not a stray but belongs to one of the residents in the area

Beware this new hotel scam, says reader

Reader warns others about a scam involving hotel guests and their credit card details

Boy hit by bicycle part thrown from upper floors

The boy suffered a deep cut to the right side of his head in the incident

Residents outraged over this guy's parking

Section 17 residents in Petaling Jaya upset over this middle of the road parking stunt

Scary experience at One Utama car park

FB user writes about how a man tried to enter her car at the shopping mall car park recently

Foreigners in Cyberjaya caught without licences

A total 80 foreigners were nabbed for driving without a valid licence in Cyberjaya

Ridiculous: Fined RM5k for blocking VVIP

Charged under Section 186 of the Penal Code which carries a two year jail term, maximum RM10,000 fine or both

Is the khaki uniform such an issue now?

Did the deputy defence minister disrespect the armed forces?

Please save these animals before it's too late

Animals at a zoo in Sabah in bad shape and need to be rescued and relocated

Stop all the fake pictures and videos, says reader

Reader upset over the insensitivity of those spreading fake news, pictures and videos of the airline crash

Penang International Airport floods again (video)

Some passengers on their way to Subang Airport even removed their shoes during the 9.30am incident yesterday

Beware hidden camera in clothes hook (video)

Customers find hidden camera in toilet of mamak restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Reader: Equating Zahid to our prophet ridiculous

Reader says there is a limit to kissing up and this Umno member has gone overboard

Beware of genuine looking fakes, says FB user

The user's friend was recently cheated into purchasing a fake bracelet which she thought was genuine gold

Students claim sodomy by principal

The students claimed they were sodomised while attending an education programme

Illegal car rentals equally to blame

Large number of foreigners renting cars illegally - posing a serious danger to others

Be wary of this guy going around asking for money

He would claim that his wife was robbed and that they needed money urgently to buy food for the kids

Cabbies haven't improved over the years, ex driver

The level of corruption and abuse of power under BN also contributed to the plight of taxi drivers

Dad finds spring in sausage roll bought for son

Fortunately the little boy did not want it and the father was the one who eventually ate the roll

Beware of pregnant woman scam, says FB user

The victim was approached by a pregnant woman in KLCC claiming she was robbed and about to deliver

Child damages kolam art in Komtar (video)

Where were the child's parents and why didn't they stop him? asks reader

Are you trying to get our sympathy?

Reader asks why those nabbed by MACC always post pictures of them with their families

Rotten fruit juice & roaches at mamak restaurant

This is truly disgusting and sad that these people just don't give a damn about others

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