Rising price of food taking its toll on consumers

Reader writes about how more people are being forced to bring food from home

Of hookers, drugs & gambling in the capital

Reader questions how numerous vice activities have flourished in the country over the years

Dinosaur outing for family far from impressive

Reader claims dinosaur exhibition was far from expectations and not as advertised

Use the indicator, it won't take a second (video)

It is actually there for a reason, reminds reader as he laments Malaysian drivers' habit of not using them

Tyres, rims gone in seconds at mall parking lot

All they could see from the CCTV footage was a grey Proton Wira pulling up in front of their car

RM17.90 for this...seriously? asks FB user

Netizen says she was sad, angry and felt cheated after being served with just some vege and three cubes of chicken

A few sen here and there, and you'll never notice

GST may have been zerorised but some smart operators are circumventing their way and raising prices, claims reader

Why not just block half the road, Mister?

Some drivers test our patience, while some others are too dense to be on the road in the first place, says reader

Reader upset over those who made fun of procession

Reader calls upon Malaysians to respect each other's religious practices and beliefs

Firecrackers menace every festive season

Reader expresses concern over residents nearby who constantly light up firecrackers

Don't even think about it, we've had enough

Reader urges authorities to act on those trying to fan racial sentiments as peace loving M'sians won't stand for it

They have been milking us dry, says reader

Reader angry and upset over high billing for medicine supply, which is about three times more

Illegal parking remains a nightmare in KL

MT Reader wants the DBKL to carry out more diligent enforcement in the city

Are teachers allowed to hit our kids?

Reader upset over posting from mother who alleged her child was severely punished by her teacher

Time for cops to clean up gangster areas (vid)

These Klang Valley gangs have reigned for too long, and it's time PDRM show they mean business, reader says

Shocking reality of mum, kids living in goat shed

Reader upset and angry why nothing had been done to help this family in need

Watch out, many crazies at the lights (video)

Two lives lost at Melaka traffic light junction after one crazy bus driver decides he doesn't need to stop at red

Please clean up clogged drains

If we were to be able to keep our environment clean, would it not benefit us as a society ?

More than 25% foreigners over last 10 years

Why rent to foreigners, when there are so many locals living on the streets?

Brought the pet in, but left common sense behind

Reader: Educate yourself what religious sensitivity and hygiene is all about before putting your pet in a shopping cart

Lack of accessible toilets in KL embarrassing

MT Reader ashamed at the lack of available toilets in the city attraction spots for visiting tourists

Dangers of placing babies in car front seats

Eight month old baby killed after she hit her head on the dashboard when the car she was in was involved in an accident

Leave them alone with fireworks and this happens

Bikes, cars and flat units damaged in fire and reader wants the ones who threw the fireworks that caused it prosecuted

Dangers of "mobile walking" (video)

Reader angry over rude man who walked into his wife while busy using his handphone

How did Jamal Yunos slip out of the country?

Reader questions how wanted man, Jamal Yunos managed to escape to Indonesia?

Illegal ads an eyesore in Cheras

MT Reader calls on City Hall to deal with the influx of illegal adverts overwhelming parts of Cheras

Unpleasant encounter with foreigner

Reader claims foreigner told him he would "settle" matters with the police

Enough of these armchair critics, says reader

Reader upset over those who continuously condemn and criticise efforts by the government

Now you see them, then you don't...

'Blatant tyre and rim thefts going on at JB hospital but the hospital and car park management there don't seem to care'

Handling arrogant and abusive foreign workers

Reader talks about how foreign workers have become increasingly arrogant when dealing with local authorities

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