Urgent need for traffic lights

MT reader says junction along Jalan Univesiti badly in need of traffic lights

Resident upset over chicken rearing neighbour

MT reader upset that neighbour is rearing chicken in his house

Malaysian drivers are nuts during festive season

MT Reader annoyed with the reckless maneuvers pulled by Malaysian drivers especially those driving heavy vehicles

I almost ended up a loanshark victim

The interest was 10 per cent a week, but I was desperate.

'Enjoy the fireworks, but must it be till dawn?'

Firecrackers is a great way to usher in the festivities, but when it goes on and on at ungodly hours, it stops being fun

Poverty in Malaysia still rampant

MT reader says there are still many in Malaysia who need help

Just too many commercials, Astro

Why are we paying premium subscription rates just to be irritated by lengthy commercial breaks, asks upset reader

Poor McDelivery service disappointing

MT Reader upset that McDonald's branch took order for granted and wasted more than four hours prior to delivery

M'sia Cup final: Sell non-transferable tickets

Thousands, despite queuing for hours, end up empty handed because black marketers buy the lot and sell them for profit

Dad not allowed to change diapers in changing room

MT reader upset why security guard asked him to leave room designated to change baby diapers

Imagine having a Uni exam the day after Deepavali

Despite knowing the date very much earlier, must attend events are still being organised around Deepavali every year

Two trains, a blind man and a pregnant lady

An LRT trip to the city ended up with reader witnessing two ugly and upsetting incidents within just fours apart

Is there a reason to dress like this to college?

MT reader upset why girls have to wear skimpy shorts to college and complain later

'Are you trying to deform our kids' spines?'

Reader says heavy schoolbags is national schooling system problem. Have you carried a schoolbag lately, she asks.

Please make way when you hear the siren

MT reader upset why motorists do not make way for emergency vehicles

Are we invisible? Join the queue, please

Queue cutting is getting out of hand and reader wants more Malaysians and store cashiers themselves to speak up

Give us two days for Deepavali !!!!!

MT Reader wants the government to announce two public days for Deepavali festival instead of the present single day

Too many innocent deaths due to debts

MT reader is at wits end over increasing debts and no avenue to turn to

Our new roads and h'ways are killing our wildlife

Roads are major threats to the survival of wildlife and the Government must not turn a blind eye to this fact, says SAM

Heavy schoolbags: 'The silence is deafening, MOE'

Despite having raised many times before, the issue of heavy schoolbags remains buried under the weight of the matter

KTM, not all roads lead to Kepong Sentral you know

One of the busiest KTM stations in the Klang Valley and there are no proper road signages to get there, claims reader

Bandar Botanic stray cattle poses risk

MT Reader concerned that the herd which often stray across main roads in Bandar Botanic could cause an accident one day

Faulty parking meters in Putrajaya

MT Reader annoyed at the poor touch functionality of parking machines in Putrajaya

Empty house next door nightmare

MT reader having sleepless nights after house left empty for a year

Flooding and the horrors we go through

MT reader laments the horror motorists have to endure during heavy rains and the poor condition of our roads

'Where are the rubbish bins, MPS?'

Where are the rubbish bins which you are supposed to buy with our tax money, upset Selayang resident asks local council

Danger of ant bites should be made aware to public

MT Reader expresses fear after child suffered severe ant bites recently

A bit too young to be holding that mug, no?

The crowd at some watering holes are becoming younger by the day and reader is wondering if there are minors among them

Concern over increasing number of foreign workers

MT reader worried over cleanliness and poorly maintained homes and gardens

Why petrol stations are hotbeds for danger

M'sians are irresponsible and careless in petrol stations, not realising many unwanted things can happen, says reader

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