Why the double standards? We pay tax too!

Reader questions why less affluent areas are getting shoddy services compared to the 'richer' neighbourhoods

Banks using thugs to collect debts?

MT reader upset and angry over bank;s move to appoint debt collectors to harass him

When will the extortion stop ?

The menace involving gang members extorting foreign workers at housing areas during renovation is a worrying

Safety risk at Batu Caves Komuter station

Mom writes in appealing for proper lighting at the station's bus stop and its surrounding vicinity

A pocketful of coins courtesy of Rapid KL

Commuter fumes after reload machine returns RM30 balance in coins

Lack of facilities for the less abled and babies

MT reader unhappy why malls do not provide sufficient facilities for the less-able and babies

Four water cuts in three months

MT reader fed up with frequent water cuts in Section 17

Looks like our local cabbies will never change

MT reader upset over high rate charged by local cabbie for short journey

Lend a hand - you have nothing to lose

MT reader unhappy why nobody rushed to assist an old man who fell near bus stop in Subang Jaya

MPS, this is what your commercial area looks like!

Frustrated Batu Caves resident says the area has become an eyesore and MPS is not taking the problem seriously

Broken beer bottles found in playground

MT reader fears children may get hurt due to the indiscriminate disposal of bottles at playgrounds

Junction in urgent need of traffic lights

MT reader fears a fatal accident if nothing is done soon

Loan sharks hogging ATMs

MT reader had to wait up to 30 minutes for a simple ATM withdrawal as it was hogged by loan sharks

Parents - appreciate them before it's too late

MT reader upset over how daughter was treating her aged father in front of everyone

We no longer feel safe in our own homes

MT reader worries about the presence of too many foreigners around.

Men continue to board KTMB pink coaches

KTMB should emulate RapidKL in naming and shaming them

Dogs in condos. Is there any law?

MT reader upset why new condo management wants them to get rid of their little pets

Too many foreigners make bus trip scary

MT Reader: Bad enough the buses are packed at these hours, we have to put up with so many characters in the bus.

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