What did this dog do to deserve such pain?

Pic of dog being dragged by lorry disgusts reader, who now wants govt to do more to promote animal welfare awareness

Woman hurt when phone catches fire while charging

The phone was hooked it to the charger when she went to bed and about 4.20am, she felt her back was really hot

Is it right for a man to hit his wife?

Examination question asks students on ways to hit a disobedient wife

Woman was paid RM2,300 in fake currencies (video)

The couple had advertised an iPhone 8 for sale and was cheated by a man who paid in fake RM100 notes

Exotic animals worth millions seized

Reports said three Indonesian suspects on a fishing boat were also detained

Woman duped into buying fake eggs (video)

Woman realised the eggs were faked after she found the yolk to be rubbery and the white very watery

Driving 'blind' through unsafe road conditions

Bridge project in Garing, Rawang upsets reader as hundreds of residents have to deal with road safety issues

RM50 for a bowl of Maggi ketam!

In total, they were given a bill for RM413 - RM101 for drinks which included iced tea and coffee for 29 people

PTPTN defaulters owe RM36 billion!

Dr Mahathir said he was ashamed with this attitude because the borrowers did not have a sense of responsibility

So, who do we blame here? (video)

Two cars were damaged after illegally parking in a back alley. Who do we blame in a situation like this?

Numerous allocations. Where did the funds go?

Reader takes MIC to task over funds that he claims never reached the people

Yet another cat inhumanely killed?

Someone had allegedly pumped the cat full of air till it's head exploded

Insensitive remarks at soldier who fainted (video)

Ex-soldier upset over hurtful remarks hurled by people at a soldier who fainted during a parade

No live UCL matches? Are you kidding us, Astro?

News emerges company has not secured UCL broadcasting rights as reader, like thousands of local fans, feels shortchanged

Reader: Check illegals driving commercial vehicles

Reader claims large number of illegals could be driving commercial vehicles for much lesser salaries

Missing cat found burned to death

The cat was missing for the last two days and was found not far from the owner's home

Why invite immigrants when we are also suffering?

Reader talks about the high number of illegals in the country and the problems that follow

Why are licences given to drivers like this? (vid)

Horror as car rams into motorcyclists in Sentul as reader warns that traffic lights are just decorative items nowadays

Stay alert - we are all possible victims

Reader writes about how he was almost a snatch theft victim and warns others to be on alert

Repeated warnings have gone unheeded, says reader

Cows and goats straying unto roads has become a major problem and something needs to be done to resolve this

Jho Low bought celeb Ferrari while we suffered?

Reader angry and upset why the rakyat's hard earned money was used for this

Orang Utan found dead in river

The 30-year-old Orang Utan was found dead with gun pellet wounds on it's abdomen, shoulder and foot

That's the cloth that 'cleaned' my table? (video)

Clip of cleaning cloth next to rubbish bin another example how many restaurants get away with health code violations

Abandoned babies, abused animals - worrying trend

Reader expresses serious concern over the number of abandoned babies and abused animals

Pregnant women beware - sickos out there!

Reader warns expectant mothers not to post pictures of their baby bumps online

Get these two cat killers and jail them! (video)

Shocking and cruel act as reader, like many others, demand justice for the poor cat killed in a laundromat hot dryer

The woman "invited" the man to take upskirt video?

Reader claims she is disgusted after reading a post saying the woman had "invited" the man to take the video

Look what we did to the RMAF base

Visitors turn RMAF base into a dumping ground during a recent event there

Najib shocked for being charged SST?

What was the difference when we were charged GST then? asks reader

Foreigners and their illegal businesses (video)

Lorry driver rants about how the number of illegals have set up businesses in the Selayang area

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