Beware of recycled engine and cooking oil

Reader warns of the dangers that come from using recycled engine and cooking oil

Resolve the 'Cargas' traffic nightmare, please!

Illegal parking along popular cafe in Bayan Lepas has reached nightmarish levels and resident there wants something done

Stop leaving your helmet on your bike (video)

Reader warns others against leaving their helmets on their motorcycles after he had his stolen

Mother uses toddler to reserve public space!

Mother gets slammed for using three year old toddler to sit in parking space to reserve it

Are our teens losing the plot, and their way?

Three teen bully cases in a week, two involving disabled victims, raise serious questions if our system is failing

Give Kesas bikers enough reasons to feel secure

'Highway's motorcycle lane issues must be resolved so that bikers are not forced to use the main lanes'

Tiger images were taken from India, clarifies dept

The abuse of social media to spread fake news is getting worse day by day

Items not delivered by McDonald's, claims reader

Reader claims McDonald's did not deliver certain items as ordered and did not bother to get back to the customer

Congratulations, for cheapening your kids' lives

One child out of the left window, another on the right. Where's that parental duty and sense of protection, asks reader

Bridge to Sumatra ... seriously?

Reader laments over a proposal to construct a multi-billion ringgit tunnel, claiming the money could be better spent

Passenger upset with Grab's response over complain

Passenger claims Grab help centre staff seemed to be supporting their driver rather than investigate her complain

Outrage over sentence metted out on "Datin"

Reader feels the Datin should have been more severely punished for such a serious offence

'If they knock into us, we don't get a sen' (vid)

Almost 200 foreigners caught on our roads without licences and insurance coverage in Selangor alone in just a few days

Girl dies in accident. Ambulance arrives too late

Apparently, the ambulance arrived only an hour after the incident

Ex-students with dyed hair barred from entering

Parent feels school headmaster was overreacting by not allowing son with dyed hair entry to get his SPM results

The desperate, the fake and the utterly ridiculous

The big day is near but please stop flooding our devices with ridiculous psywar content or it may backfire, warns reader

The deadly Penang Bridge crawl and accidents

Reader laments over the high number of accidents on the bridge and how it delays commuters

How do these drivers end up with licences? (video)

'Drivers of late don't even know simple rules such as how to negotiate yellow boxes and right of way at roundabouts'

Shocking clip of girl kicking kitten (video)

Netizens enraged after watching video of a girl kicking a little kitten into drain

How low have our youngsters' morals sunk? (video)

Shocking video of teenage boys getting sick pleasure from bullying another teen with Down Syndrome in Kluang goes viral

We don't care about politics. Just give us water!

Subang Jaya resident vents out his frustrations over the difficulties encountered during the water cut

Slow down, this tunnel link is not for speeding

Pedestrians swarm Penang's Prangin Mall tunnel all the time, so do everyone favour and drive slowly when passing through

Oh, this looks like a nice spot to park (video)

Footage of car casually parked in middle of busy Penang street proves why some drivers should never be behind the wheel

WAO members harassed during peaceful march

Reader upset over attitude of some who oppose the existence of the LGBT community among us

Where is your common sense, shopper couple?

Couple wheels dog around in hypermarket trolley and reader asks if they are aware of sensitivities and hygiene issues

Kids taken from kindergarten by two men and a lady

Reader shocked over action by kindergarten in releasing children to strangers

'They patch up and leave us to dice with danger'

'Are the authorities oblivious to contractors' shoddy post-maintenance work and the danger they pose to motorists?'

The dangers of opening spam mail

Reader warns about the dangers associated with opening spam emails

JMBs are failing, it's time for Govt to take over

Ex low cost apartment resident feels the pain of Penang expectant mum who has been climbing 13 floors for a month now

Subang Jaya residents at wits end over water cuts

Residents in Subang Jaya claim Syabas has left them high and dry

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