'Dicing with death at dangerous border junction'

Resident wants either Penang or Perak govt to decide who should install traffic lights there before more accidents occur

What has happened to our country?

Reader shocked over incident where man was openly killed at petrol kiosk in Johor

Affordable? Is RM800k deemed affordable?

Reader laments over the high cost of houses which are totally out of the range for middle class earners

Upset with McDonald's delivery service

Reader upset why delivery boy asked her to come down to collect her order instead of sending it to her

Beware of this alleged sweet talking conman

Reader warns others about an alleged investment broker who cheated her

Be wary of expired foodstuffs on the shelves

Reader warns of expired foodstuff being sold in supermarkets, even the reputable ones

More facilities for the less-abled please

Less-abled reader laments over lack of facilities for them

Stop the vandalism please

Reader wonders why people resort to vandalising public property for no reason

Excuse me, passing through on the escalator!

Reader is perplexed as to why Malaysians have yet to understand escalator etiquette. Leave the right side empty people..

Touts back at KLIA

Reader laments how touts harass foreigners arriving at KLIA

Uphill task finding food for a diabetic here

Reader writes about how difficult it is to find the right food for a diabetic

Messy 'bridge too narrow' at KL-Sgor border (vid)

Daily havoc at the monsoon drain bridge linking Desa Pandan and Kg Pandan with cars plunging or tilting dangerously

'The lorry driver in the next lane could be high'

The thought that we have to share our roads with intoxicated heavy vehicle drivers is truly a scary thought, says reader

Parts missing from toy bought for boy's birthday

Reader upset toy store not willing to replace toy which had been vandalised

More traffic wardens needed at schools

Reader wants schools to have more traffic wardens for the better safety of children

Ridiculous charges at private hospital

Reader laments the high cost of medical treatment and how hospitals are so money minded

Treated as criminals for playing mahjong

MT reader upset over the way his friends were treated by cops all because they were playing mahjong

Call to ban smoking in all public places

Reader upset people are smoking at public playgrounds

Watch out for these pointers at the auto car wash

Services at these automatic centres getting bad to worse mainly because workers are lazy and not focused, claims reader

Foreigners openly queuing up to visit prostitutes

Reader shocked seeing foreigners lining up outside budget hotel along busy street in Seremban

The M'sian courteous driver? A pipe dream (video)

When will Malaysians finally learn to respect the law and be unselfish drivers? This reader thinks never.

Do women really "invite" rapists?

Reader angered over insensitive comment from male colleague that women "invite" rapists by dressing sexily

Pregnant woman hit by ignorant shopper with cart

Pregnant reader very upset over incident at mall which could have caused her a miscarriage

The stressful life of a single mother

Single mother writes about the stress and difficulty she faces in managing her work and children

Use a baby seat. Do not take rists

Concerned mum advises parents against keeping toddlers in front with them in the car

Stop! Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Not all at home are healthy and young enough to meet Poslaju delivery guys at the gates in just seconds, says reader

Parked lorries in housing estate irks residents

Reader upset over lorries parking in housing estate

'Make it mandatory to mount hazard reflectors'

Too many accidents involving stalled vehicles on our highways, time for the authorities and highway operators to act

Be safe, use a leash

Reader, whose also a dog trainer advises owners to always have their dog on a leash when out for walks

The future is scary, says reader

Reader laments over high price of simple meal at mamak shop

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