Sexually harassed on LRT and monorail

Reader laments over number of sexual harassment cases on the LRT and KL Monorail

KLIA 2 deserves more praise than what it gets now

Reader wonders why KLIA 2 still gets unwarranted criticism despite it offering more than what the previous terminal did

The end of good, old fashioned Christmas cards

Reader misses the time people used to send each other Christmas cards instead of text greetings

The 'bodoh sombong' attitude of road bullies (vid)

This violent driver should be in a lock up and not on the road bullying others with a hockey stick, says reader

Kids, have some compassion for your parents

Reader upset over the way children treat her friend

1..2..3.. and then they slap a homeless man (vid)

Reader is appalled with shocking behaviour of two youths seen in video clip slapping the head of homeless man

Thank you MPT, for saving our beloved Lake Gardens

Taiping native expresses joy and gratitude over council's decision to save the rain trees as she walks down memory lane

So what? I'm a male nurse

Male nurse upset why society is yet to accept men choosing this profession

No toys this Christmas, kids

Reader writes about how he is unable to afford new clothes and toys for his kids this Christmas

Urban school cross country races need safer routes

Some urban schools are using busy residential area roads as routes for their cross-country races. Not safe, says reader

Better regulation of old folks homes needed

Reader concerned over increasing number of unlicensed, old folks homes

Stop the development before it's too late

Reader urges the authorities to learn from the recent devastating floods and take steps to prevent a recurrence

Old lorries a serious threat to road users

Reader upset how old lorries, which are not road worthy get through Puspakom tests

Listen to your elders and you won't go broke at 30

Are youths being given too much financial freedom and should they take advice from their elders? This reader thinks so

RM4,875 saved in 6 months after he quit smoking

Reader points out the amount of money he could have saved if not for smoking

Baby was almost kidnapped

Reader writes in to caution mothers to be extra careful, especially when waiting in a parked car

Treat all involved in fake milk scam as murderers

There is a point where even the greediest lot dare not venture into, and harming babies is an unforgivable crime

Advice against sending kids to home babysitters

Doctor advises parents against choosing cheaper option of home-based babysitters

Why are kids on motorcycles not using helmets?

Reader upset why some children on motorcycles with their parents are not using safety helmets

Step up the fight against child sex predators

'Send out the message that society will not tolerate such acts and such people from being part of our community'

Knowing your car's limits can prevent accidents

Engineer shares his thoughts on the increasing number of road accidents in the country

Sorry son, daddy cannot afford new shoes for you

MT reader sends in copy of note he penned for his son

Upset over people who book parking lots

Reader wants authorities to do something about those who stand in vacant parking lots to book them

Constant work along road upsets residents

Reader upset why road in front of his house is constantly dug up for work

Don't waste food. Spare a thought for the needy

Reader upset over the amount of food wasted a hotel buffets

Red flag means danger, but we don't seem to care

What is it with Malaysians that we always seem to want to tempt fate, asks reader

Are we paying artificially inflated prices?

Reader shares view that living costs is just beyond logical these days and calls for undercover enforcement surveillance

Skateboarders appeal for skateboarding ring

Skateboarders want a ring for them to practice

Wedding spoilt by irresponsible guests

Reader furious after guests turn up unexpected at wedding reception

'No place for mob justice, however 'justified'

Whether the suspects are guilty or not, or how angry you are, you have no right to lay your hands on them, says reader

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