They probably didn't get the memo, Tony (video)

Air Asia passenger's bike gets thrown off callously, and netizens ask what happened to the 'kiss the bag' advice

The tough life of a housewife

Reader writes about the ups and downs of being a housewife and the long hours involved

New solution to double-parking at last! (video)

Mall staff use "trolley jacks" to move double parked cars out of the way

Please help save the Pak Mie Shelter

Mak Intan has been operating the shelter for the last 10 years and has relied solely on donations to run it

'Are they really ready for these sort of stunts?'

Reader says he has not choice but to disapprove celebrity's daredevil bridge jump with his young child in KKB recently

Gain a little fitness before you conquer that hill

Many newbies think that going for a hike is like going for a stroll outside, but it's really not, says a regular

Child beggars and illegal syndicates

Reader claims child beggars spotted in the city work for illegal syndicates who move them place to place

Tamil schools have come a long way from before

Tamil schools have made plenty of progress and is still a preferred choice among Indians, claims reader

Students frequenting "healthcare" centres worrying

Reader concerned over the number of teenagers frequenting "healthcare" centres for sexual services

Like popping in a store to get ice cream (video)

Criminals so brazen and desperate these days that even public view and broad daylight do not deter, says reader

Who are we to judge her?, asks reader.

Reader upset over comments made by some over mother who recently lost her two-year-old daughter

Boom gate here, barricade there and a maze finally

'These illegal barricades are mostly set up illegally and at the whims and fancies of unofficial neighbourhood groups'

Johor Crown Prince a great example, says reader

Reader feels those simply warming their seats for the sake of positions should follow TMJ's example and step down

Cancer patient:Don't trust so-called faith healers

Cancer patient calls out to fellow patients not to be duped into believing healers promising miraculous cures

Preventive measures go a long way... (video)

Robbers are getting smarter and know the right time to strike so learn how to be conscious of your surroundings

Well done PDRM. Keep up the good work

Reader takes to Facebook to thank kind policemen who helped her father after a hit and run incident

Toddler dies after being left in car for two hours

Reader expresses great concern over cases of children being forgotten and left alone in cars

Woman turned away at police station? (video)

Reader wonders why woman was turned away at police station

Rising cases of sexual abuse and castration

Reader believes harsher penalties like castration may be the only solution to increasing cases of sexual abuse

Dear parents, strap if you truly love them

Juts because they are held tight in your arms doesn't mean they are safe as reader suggests making child seats mandatory

Sorry, my bag deserves the seat more than you

Reader comes across ERL users hogging seats with bags while hopeful elderly people stood. Is civic mindedness dead?

Good work MP, We need more like you, says reader

Reader praises MP who donated RM90,000 towards baby's surgery fund

Great time at CNY do at mosque

Reader says there was a true feeling of the Malaysian spirit at Chinese New Year gathering organised by Perkim

'Even the sweet and nice looking can be thieves'

Elderly lady and young guys caught on camera stealing handphone from young lady, so not everyone is sweet as you think

Teacher loses RM41,500 in love scam

Reader cautions the public, especially women not to be duped into falling for scams on social media

Dangers of walking and texting (video)

Reader on why people should focus on where they are walking, rather than on their handphones

The dangers of children using valuables

Reader believes children should not be allowed to use any valuables as it invites unnecessary danger

Zebra crossings continue to be ignored

Reader laments poor attitude of motorists who continue to ignore zebra crossings

That 2 mins of anger could spell trouble (video)

Mob justice is the norm these days it seems, but is it the lawful thing to do? Think, before you vent, says reader

Beware of doctor-big pharma collusion

This unholy alliance is pushing medical costs up as one notable case across the Causeway comes to reader's mind

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