iPhone madness scary, says reader

MT reader shocked woman willing to sell herself to get money to buy latest iPhone

We still need many things done here

MT reader says there should be more focus on upgrading local hospitals rather than looking abroad

Strays: Draft laws to save, not kill mercilessly

There are other ways to deal with stray animals rather than just put them down at first sight, argues animal lover

Stop falling victim to scammers

MT reader laments over the number of online scams these days

Hardline preachers are sprouting, vet and monitor

Reader wants to know how some preachers are allowed to give lectures when they are clearly promoting hate

Sultan Selangor's decree a great welcome sign

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah's decree to lower volume during religious lectures at mosque promotes religious tolerance

All is not lost, shun hate and we will be alright

Elderly Malaysian who grew up in a time of strong multi-cultural friendships touched by picture of boy helping old man

Online shopping and it's dangers

Family upset after council members kill dog

Family claims council personnel took the dog to the council yard and euthanised it

Respond positively to TMJ's call

MT Reader wants Malaysian fans to back FAM despite latest setback

Maids: They are also humans. Treat them well

MT reader on employers who treat their maids like machines

Parent: Thanks MOE, for addressing workbook issue

Spontaneous MOE reaction gets praised and parent now hopes to see the matter resolved once and for all

Kid drownings are preventable with awareness

Adults must stop thinking that children have the ability to gauge danger while swimming because they don't, says reader

Deadly box jellyfish: Is there reason for concern?

Can't stop them invading our shores but at least embark on awareness campaigns on how to deal with 'stinging' situations

Give gym trainers the cut they deserve

For all their dedication to the profession, gym trainers are one of the worse paid employees, a fact not many know

When will they ever learn (video)

Family of five wiped out due to negligence of driver who was messaging while driving

Learn CPR, it'd be wisest thing you did (video)

Reader recalls how a life and death situation forced him to make sure everyone in the family learnt CPR

Man shows us how it's done (video)

Man invites homeless street children to share a meal with him

Cabbies will never learn their lesson, it seems

The incident in which two foreigners were charged RM950 for a 10km ride shows cabbies' attitude here will never change

No room for politics in schools, please

Anything about politics should just be confined to what is in their history textbooks, says reader

IJN, help us be more productive during long waits

Seasoned IJN visitor hopeful hospital can install plug points in waiting area so that idle time can be put to good use

The good old days (video)

MT reader recalls his time in the 1970s when everyone was known only as Malaysians

Care and adopt a pet only if you are able to

Many people tend to buy or adopt pet animals but have absolutely no idea how to care for them

Licking good? Great, but here's how they suffer...

Enjoy your chicken by all means but at least ensure they are not reared in horrendous conditions en route to slaughter

Why waste money when the poor need food?

Foreign consultant on why crates of beer were wastefully smashed up when the money could have been used to feed the poor

King of Glory: Girl loses sight in right eye

Girl loses sight in right eye after playing King of Glory non-stop

You have no idea what the poor go through

It's very easy to talk when you have never been there before

Travel bug can also sting in more ways than one

The world has become smaller through affordable travel, but be wary of scammers on the prowl, warns reader

Do not let Grab and Uber go down the drain

MT reader wants Uber and Grab to enhance their drivers' screening

Too many lonely people out there

Counselor reveals increasing number of calls from lonely people needing someone to speak to

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