Weed out corruption once and for all

Reader urges PH government to work towards getting rid of corruption at all levels

Let us not forget our GE14 postal voters

Foundation founder reminds PH government to say "thank you" to our postal voters

Shame on you, Kluang bazaar traders!

The mess left behind by traders on last day at Kluang Ramadan bazaar highlights the need for heavier penalties

Shredded documents and locked-out computers

I did not even have enough money to eat, claims reader

It was as if Bahau had become a war zone! (videos)

How is it that such a dangerous display can be allowed by the authorities right in the middle of town, asks reader

Study on kids sexual abuse hidden by past govt

Why did the previous government classify the study under the OSA?

Verify information before reporting to anyone

MT Reader annoyed that cops had to check a warehouse that stored gambling machines only to find used furniture instead

Couldn't you have waited for a proper bin?

Rubbish along Merapoh-Gua Musang road thrown by balik kampung motorists a reminder why M'sians' attitude must change

Woman stabs herself in eye making up in taxi

The woman was using an eyebrow pencil when the taxi was involved in an accident

Keep an eye out for unexpected dangers

Mt Reader relieved that no one was in a car that was crushed suddenly by a falling water tank in Sabah

Shoppers leave behind mess after trying on items

Huge mess of clothes and shoes left behind by irresponsible shoppers

What do they do to earn RM200k a month?

Reader questions rationale behind the huge salaries some heads and chairmen are paid

When they leave fear and guilt behind...(video)

What drives someone to steal from the house of God, a reader asks he expresses extreme sadness with today's generation

Businessman deserves praise for aiding poor family

MT Reader lauds the efforts by businessman to ensure that a family of seven enjoy their Hari Raya

Age limit for jet ski users?

Reader proposes an age limit to help reduce the number of water sport related accidents

Lets all be alert and safe this Raya (video)

Reader shares shocking video of a driver, who allegedly fell asleep driving, being flung out of his cabin

An angry daily battle on our city roads (video)

Biker smashes car windscreen and incident underlines fact that there are many angry motorists out there, says reader

Does she have a choice? (video)

Reader writes about hardship and difficulties faced by people

Do we need another national car project?

Mixed reactions as prime minister announces the possibility of another national car project

A selfless escort act that gives us hope (video)

Footage of civilian clearing traffic for speeding ambulance from mainland to Penang GH puts our road hoggers to shame

Vision 2020 no longer achievable, its now 2025

Reader believes the country must achieve a developed nation status for the future of our children

Depression - the silent killer

Doctor writes about depression and how deadly it can be

Balik kampung rush - let it be safe this year

Reader urges everyone to play their role in getting home safe this Hari Raya

Just who does she think she is!!? (video)

Woman attacks parking officers with steering lock and reader says it's about time Malaysians get used to the rule of law

Return all ill-gotten gains to the coffers

Reader says all money and valuables seized should go to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia

Abandoned cars - not a sight for sore eyes

MT Reader wonders if these vehicles left to rot are linked with criminal activity

Reader applauds no gifts rule by new government

Reader also calls upon government to look into enhancing healthcare facilities for the people

There are always risks, but we can minimise danger

It is our duty to keep an interest over what our young ones do, a reader says as he reflects on a child's death

Will the corruption trail ever end?, asks reader

Reader laments over the number of cases involving bribery and abuse of power being unearthed

Staff clean shopping carts after dog incident

The supermarket had also sought assistance from the local mosque following the incident

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