It's okay, better face flat now than 6-feet under

Picture of rempit boys lined up on road invite criticism but reader says some humility is better off at an early stage

Innocent and yet involved in accident (video)

Reader talks about how some people are involved in accidents though no fault of theirs

Another woman to be caned in Terengganu?

This time, a 30-year-old divorcee pleaded guilty at the Syariah High Court for preparing to offer sexual services

The young and guiltless... (video)

What's happening to the youths of today when they have no qualms even stealing from places of worship, asks reader

Emotions, anger or justice? (video)

Video of snatch thief being roughed up goes viral. Reader asks what is the right thing to do in such a case.

About time these cruel poachers are dealt with

'Poaching has cost us our wildlife at an alarming rate, and govt's decision to review current laws is long overdue'

Welcome smoking ban in open air restaurants

Mother of two urges authorities to impose the ban as soon as possible

Noble intention, but any word on the alternatives?

What other options available then for the plastic straw ban in the FTs, who provides them and at what cost, asks reader

Boyfriend threatens to reveal nude photos of girl

Best not to take compromising videos or photographs of each other, says reader

Faulty rims they say? Don't be fooled (video)

Sports rim shop owner uploads video to warn how wheel weights are used to make it seem as though your rims are faulty

Colouring agents used to make tea look "kaw"

Reader claims restaurants have been using these artificial colouring agents for years

This little girl battles on as the clock ticks

Reader highlights the medical plight of a stateless child as her parents struggle to cope financially

Medical marijuana and the death sentence

Medical marijuana is used to treat a number of different conditions, including schizophrenia and stress disorders

These guys deserve better recognition and reward

They do almost everything for Malaysians, and reader hopes our administrators truly recognise their contributions

Caution: Herd of elephants spotted near road (vid)

A herd of elephants is believed to have been driven out of their habitat and in search of food

Minister shows leadership by example (video)

Reader applauds Minister for traveling in economy class on board Malaysia Airlines flight

Who was responsible for protecting the doctor?

Reader questions why no action was taken against a doctor for alleged sexual harassment all this while

Another child marriage reported in Kelantan

A 44-year-old father of two recently married a 15-year-old girl in Tumpat

One shattered spark plug is all it takes (videos)

Reader: Stop leaving stuff in full view inside your car cos thieves have found an effective method in 'Ninja rocks'

Autistic child spends night in lock-up?

The mother had to tell him he was in a Gerak Khas movie so he would not be traumatised

Thanks Kak, you're just awesome...

Pic of Muslim lady feeding stray dogs touches reader's heart, and gives hope that M'sians will be there for strays

Apparently, this job pays pretty well

This advertisement for a "pemotong kepala" has caused a pretty bit of excitement on social media lately

Toddler's fatal fall - who is to blame?

Some parents have no choice but to depend on their young kids to look after another sibling

Nabbed, and it's time to send a clear message

Reader overjoyed over arrest of laundrette cat killers, but now wants the DVS to prove their mettle in court

The ups & downs of parenthood

Reader talks about the huge responsibility of being a parent and the need to constantly watch our kids

Why do we keep falling for scams?

Are we greedy, in search of love or desperate? asks reader

Guess you got what was coming (video)

Dashcam video shows how reckless driver who ran red light and made dangerous switch ends up crashing at road fork

Mother appeals for return of stolen schoolbags

Thieves smashed the rear windscreen of a car and all they stole were schoolbags

So, what do I do now?

This man was caught in a Catch22 situation when two traffic cops suddenly stopped behind him

Replaced the worn out brakes and tyres yet? (vid)

Horrifying crash on MEX highway caught on CCTV as reader reminds motorists to always be wary of unfavourable conditions

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