Is beating up robbery suspect right ? (video)

Bashing anyone up for alleged crimes is never right, man or woman alike

Consider first before making it viral

The public should think about the sensitivity of others before uploading certain content

A thank you for the paying customer would be nice

Reader wonders why is it that traders these days think that customers owe them a favour and not the other way round

Steroids: Young and too impatient to do it clean

With being buff part of the hipster culture, young men are turning to steroids that will only return to haunt them later

Daughters of Destiny, gem of a documentary (video)

The story of how a school is transforming the lives of kids from India's discriminated society to give them wings to fly

Why can't residents pay maintenance fees ?

Prompt payments by residents ensures clean and safe environment at residential unit

Time to introduce full time counselors in schools

Students will have the option of having a more discreet and safer outlet to unload their problems

Do your kids a favour, say no to that sugar drink

They may look cute and cuddly now but once they're obese and used to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle it will be too late

Is there apartheid in Malaysia ?

Segregated drinking cups for Muslim and non-Muslim students at school is never justified

Many out there need help, go ahead and volunteer

Volunteerism is dying a slow death in Malaysia with the young only interested in chasing money and fame, says reader

So what's so wrong clearing our own makan table?

It's a practice that Malaysians should have adopted a long time ago, writes reader.

Stop being gullible, too many conmen in our midst

Malaysians are being conned too easily these days and reader wonders why we have become so gullible

Go home, your parents miss you

Your activities can wait, your aged parents may not, a small town boy writes.

Are women who dress sexy "inviting trouble?"

Stop victimising women. Would you want that to happen to your mother, wife or daughter, asks MT reader.

Beware of doctors from hell

A reader writes in to warn about unscrupulous doctors who are more interested in profits.

Parents, now's the time you leave your child alone

Teacher has seen how parents pressure their kids in the months leading to public exams. It can backfire, she warns.

Just sugar, no spice and not everything nice

Our craving for sugary stuff is going to eventually cause a massive health and socio-economic crisis in the future

Personal communication becoming thing of the past

MT reader laments how technology is taking over our lives

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