Guys, let's help this family in Shah Alam

Reader appeals to all to lend a helping hand to this family in need

Giving leftovers to dogs "haram"?

Animal activist upset with restaurant owner who claims giving leftovers and bones to dogs is "haram"

Working parents and home-based babysitters

Working mother talks about how parents cannot afford licensed babysitters and are left with no choice

What do you summon him for?

Reader curious what the cops pulled over "Skeletor" for

"Gangster" wanna be argument with officers (video)

At one point, the man even pulls off the sunglasses of one of the officers

Dad from China searching for missing daughter

The girl had come to Malaysia for a holiday and had gone missing

Should the uncle serve two months in jail?

Reader feels the man who put his nephew into a washing machine should not be in jail with other hardcore criminals

Street justice on thief near mosque (video)

Man who smashed car window to steal near mosque nabbed and roughed up before being handed to cops

Loan sharks threaten to rape victim's wife

The amount he owed had suddenly increased almost 400 per cent

Hit and run incidents and onboard cameras

Reader talks about those who flee from accidents and the role onboard cameras play these days

Beating traffic lights and road accidents

Reader talks about the high number of accidents caused by those who beat traffic lights

Some friendly help from the RTD for this family

Road Transport Department personnel stop to help family on motorcycle

Don't be so quick to point fingers (video)

Cops deny roughing up man who parked in front of bank and refused to move car

Supporter: PKR, get your act together (video)

This kind of unruly, barbaric behaviour is not what we voted for

BN lost because of promises made by PH?

Najib says BN lost because of fraud, defamation and false promises made by the Pakatan Harapan government

Another dead baby found at dumpsite

A newborn baby girl was found dead inside a plastic bag at a dumpsite

Daring robbery along highway (video)

A motorcyclist was robbed by another while riding along a highway here

Is it a Porshe, Ferrari? No, it's a Kancil (video)

TMJ surprises everyone when he leaves function in a Perodua Kancil

Mandatory child seats a good move, says reader

Though many kids like to sit with their parents up front, we are placing them in great danger

Please don't open doors to BN members, says reader

Reader does not want Pakatan Harapan to begin accepting former and current BN members into their fold

Hit-and-run: Libyan charged with murder

The 24-year-old student was charged in a magistrate's court in Sepang under Section 302 of the Penal Code

SUV involved in hit and run this morning (video)

The motorcyclist was taken to hospital while the driver of the SUV fled the scene

Motorcyclist starts bike, triggers fire (video)

There was some spilt petrol below the motorcycle which caught fire as soon as the rider kick-started his bike

Bus driver and his singing passenger (video)

A bus driver shares his thoughts on a karaoke session by a Chinese tourist

Firemen and going beyond the call of duty

Fireman's wife writes about what the family prays for each time her husband responds to a distress call

Girl knocked down while playing (video)

Was the speeding car driver or the girl's parents to blame?

Child dies after falling down sewer

What really happened here

Why put Nur Fazura's picture on your table?

A politician who has time to chat with more than 7,000 girls on his Instagram?

Palu disaster because of the LGBT community?

Zahid claims disaster was punishment for activities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community

Dangerous motorcycle lanes along Federal Highway

Motorcycle lanes have become dangerous with some bikers even stopped and robbed there

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