Wish upon shooting stars (lots of it) on Saturday

Written by: J.R. | 10 Aug 2017 13:04
The Perseids meteor shower occurs annually between July 17 and Aug 24 when the earth passes through a comet's path
Written by:
10 Aug 2017 13:04

For all you astronomy buffs and stargazers, mark your calendar for this weekend.  

The Perseids meteor shower will be visible over the night sky in the country at about 12.30 am on Saturday, according to the National Space Agency, Bernama reports. 

In a statement, it said that Malaysians would be able to see between 60 and 150 meteors an hour in areas free of light pollution during the phenomenon.

"However, the waning gibbous moon will make it a challenge to see the meteor shower clearly," it said, adding that the moon was expected to rise at 10.16 pm on Friday.

The Perseids meteor shower occurs annually between July 17 and Aug 24 when the earth passes through a comet's path and the comet dust burns when entering the earth's atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, the whole publicity about the showers being the "brightest shower in recorded human history" has been blown out of proportion. 

Nasa has come out to set the records straight. 

Bill Cooke, the head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at Marshall Space Flight Center, said no such thing is going to happen. 

"For one thing, the Perseids never reach storm levels (thousands of meteors per hour). At best, they outburst from a normal rate between 80-100 meteors per hour to a few hundred per hour," he says in a statement.

"The best Perseid performance of which we are aware occurred back in 1993, when the peak Perseid rate topped 300 meteors per hour. Last year also saw an outburst of just over 200 meteors per hour."

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