Viral pomfret fish catch not in Penang (video)

Written by: Victor Charlie | 14 Nov 2017 19:17
- Video screengrab
Written by:
14 Nov 2017 19:17

A viral video which showed fishing boats landing huge piles of pomfrets and claimed as a potential sign of an earthquake was not taken in Penang. 

According to The Star, Penang Fisherman (South) Association chairman Arshad Omad said the incident purportedly occurred in Bagan Panchor, Perak, and not in Penang.

"The trawlers worked in pairs using big nets to haul in a large catch. There are no such boats operating in Penang, and such a practice is illegal," he said.

The short video shows fishermen hauling in the large catch and loading them into cooler boxes.

It is accompanied by a message saying that the tonnes of fish from Balik Pulau could be a sign of impending earthquake or volcanic activity.

Viewers may watch the video below: 

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