Thai drug pusher nabbed. Gun & drugs seized

Written by: mottaman | 14 Nov 2017 14:51
Photo from Bernama
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14 Nov 2017 14:51

Police seized a pistol with five live bullets from a Thai drug pusher when he was nabbed at a petrol station in Kampung Temonyong in Langkawi, early today.

Police also confiscated various types of drugs with a street value of RM25,000.

In the 12.01am bust, the district's Narcotics Investigation Department approached the 35-year-old man at the petrol station, as he was behaving suspiciously.

"Upon noticing the police team’s presence, the man tried to flee from the scene but our men managed to apprehend him.

"The team found a .9mm automatic Browning pistol with five live ammunition in the man's sling bag.

"They also seized plastic bags containing heroin, methamphetamine and ketamine with a total street value of RM25,000," Langkawi police chief ACP Dr Che Ghazali Che Awang said during a press conference at his office.

Present was his deputy, DSP Mahani Mohamed.

According to The New Straits Times, Ghazali said the man also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police have classified the case under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries the mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

The man is also being investigated under Section 8 of the Firearms Act (Improved Penalty) 1971 and Section 8(a) of the Firearms Act 1969 for illegal possession of a pistol which carries a jail term of up to 14 years and six lashes of the whip.

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