Still no sight of M'sian climber on Mt Damavan

Written by: J.R. | 17 Jul 2017 10:51
Mount Damavand is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia.
Written by:
17 Jul 2017 10:51

The Alpine Club Malaysia (KJA) has mounted three search and rescue (SAR) operations for fellow climber, Ramli Abdul Majid, who was reportedly missing on Mount Damavand, Iran, in November last year.

Its president, Muhammad Illaham Ishak, said the search for the 45-year-old man was conducted along two southern routes at the altitude of between 4,300 and 4,500 metres, as well as between 4,300 and 5,100 metres.

He also said the SAR operations had covered the valley area between the southern and south-east ridges at the height of 4,300 metres, Bernama reports.

“Although there have been no leads in the efforts by the national volunteer SAR team (so far), several pictures and videos had been recorded for analysis,” he said in a statement. 

Muhammad Illaham is now in Rineh, Iran with two KJA climbers, namely Mohd Khafiz Bachok, 39, and Azmawi Ismail, 39.

On Nov 22, Ramli, a system engineer head at Proton Holdings, and Syed Redzuan Syed Salim Shatri, were reported missing on the 5,610-metre mountain after they were separated from the other climbers.

Syed Redzuan was found dead on Nov 28 in the Yakhar Glacier and his remains were repatriated back to Malaysia.

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