Snake like creature crawls out from toilet (video)

Written by: mottaman | 11 Oct 2017 12:21
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11 Oct 2017 12:21

A couple in Alor Star were horrified when a snake-like creature crawled out from their toilet and across the bathroom floor.

Zul Hanif Anip, 25, and his wife, Puteri, were home last Friday when the creature slithered from the toilet and slowly made its way around the house.

Zul said he was puzzled by the mysterious creature as it didn't resemble any local snakes that he was familiar with.

"I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have gotten inside," Zul said.

"It was about two metres long with a very fat, thick body. I'm not sure if it was a snake or a kind of tidal creature or from the swamp. Its head was very small and it had a short tail, which did not look like a snake."

The couple captured the creature and released it into a nearby river.

"'My house is surrounded by paddy fields so it may have originated from there," he said.

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