Rusidah proves it's all heart behind the lens

Written by: CT | 17 Jun 2017 22:02
The lady behind the camera has proven to be a great snapper despite her handicapcy
Written by:
17 Jun 2017 22:02

Rusidah Badawi, a 49-year-old photographer from Indonesia, is a double amputee. By her own hard work and determination, she became an outstanding photographer.

Having lost both of her arms in a tragic accident when she was only a child, despite this setback, Rusidah is determined to create her own destiny.

After graduating from high school, Rusidah went to a vocational rehabilitation centre and took up a photography course. And this eventually became her passion.

Since then, she has pursued a career as a professional photographer.

Rusidah began as a wedding photographer by using a modified camera.  She even went door to door trying to sell her photographs. There were also people who doubted her ability to take nice photos as she is a double amputee.

But with strong determination, Rusidah proved that she has great talent in photography.
Now, Rusidah had garnered a huge group of followers who love her pictures. She has built a reputable name in this industry and is one of the most sought after photographer in Indonesia.

During of one her interviews, Rusidah once said, "Because of my physical condition, I adapted the shutter button with a screw so I can take steady pictures and also avoid blurry pictures."

Mind you, Rusidah works with film, not digital prints, which makes her career even more of a challenge for someone without hands. 

Rusidah’s story is an inspiring one and acts as a reminder to follow your dreams despite the hurdles that come your way. 

Watch her in action in the video below and be inspired.




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