Royal Wedding to go 'live' at selected JB screens

Written by: J.R. | 11 Aug 2017 11:39
Johor is all set for the wedding of the year. Bernama picture
Written by:
11 Aug 2017 11:39

The public can follow the royal wedding “live” from Istana Besar, courtesy of video screens at Dataran Bandaraya and the Johor Baru City Council building here.

Johor princess Tunku Tun Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah is set to marry Dutch-born Dennis Muhammad Abdullah on Aug 14.

A statement from the Royal Press Office (RPO) stated that final preparations have begun for the wedding at Istana Besar, The Star reported.

The wedding celebrations began on Wednesday with the official Istiadat Meletak Kerja (Initiation Ceremony) within the palace grounds.

The Istana grounds have since taken on a festive atmosphere, with coloured bunting and manicured flowers and decorations in place, while all the main streets have been adorned with state flags and bunting.

The wedding ceremony proper inside the Throne Room of Istana Besar will be restricted to royalties and VIPs.

However, the other guests will be able to watch the proceedings from giant screens in elegant white canopies erected outside the grand staircase up to the 151-year-old palace.

Special prayers and yassin recitals were held at the Pasir Pelangi mosque, which was attended by most of the members of the Johor royal family yesterday.

The betrothal ceremony is a private event for family and close friends and will be held at 10am on Aug 14 at Istana Bukit Serene, followed by the akad nikah (solemnisation) ceremony.

The bersanding (sitting-in-state ceremony) will be held at 8pm at Istana Besar.


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