Renowned bullfighter Fandino dies in battle

Written by: Razman F | 18 Jun 2017 14:29
Fandino being rushed out of the ring. Pic credit Pascal Bats
Written by:
18 Jun 2017 14:29

Renowned Spanish bullfighter Ivan Fandino died in hospital on Saturday after being gored by a bull during a fight in southwestern France.

AFP reported that Fandino stumbled after his feet got tangled in his cloak and was gored by the bull.

The bull’s horn had punctured the 36-year-old’s lung.

The Basque fighter was performing at the Aire-sur-l'Adour bullfighting festival in France with fellow matadors Juan Del Alamo and Thomas Dufau.

AFP reported that an independent medical source said that Fandino had suffered two heart attacks in the ambulance and died later in hospital in the nearby town of Mont-de-Marsan.

The last time a bullfighter was killed while performing was in July 2016 when Spanish matador Victor Barrio, 29, was gored in the chest live on television.

Just over a month earlier, 64-year-old Mexican fighter El Pana died after weeks in hospital, having also been gored in the chest.


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