Police nab man who rammed police car in Klang

Written by: Victor Charlie | 16 Jul 2017 20:36
Picture from The Star
Written by:
16 Jul 2017 20:36

A bid to escape the police saw a 29-year-old arrested and he had rammed into an unmarked police car at Taman Selat Selatan, Pandamaran, here.

According to The Star, the suspect who drove a luxury vehicle had initially been followed by police officers from the Klang and Pandamaran stations from the Jalan Banting crossroads towards Pandamaran at about 9.50pm on Saturday.

South Klang OCPD Asst Comm Alzafny Ahmad said when the cars arrived at Lorong Selat Selatan 7 shortly after the suspect suddenly stopped his car and reversed.

"The police then exited their vehicle and identified themselves to the suspect," he said.

However, Alzafny said the suspect decided to suddenly rammed into the unmarked car causing the police officer in the vehicle to fire a single shot in self-defence.

Despite the suspect hitting the gate of a house to escape, he said the police manage to apprehend the suspect.No one was injured in the incident. Further investigations revealed the suspect had 12 previous records for various offences while the car he was driving was reported stolen in Klang.

The case was being investigated under Section 307 for attempted murder.

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