Optimus Prime, Spiderman and Snow White removed

Written by: mottaman | 11 Aug 2017 11:07
Picture from The Star
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11 Aug 2017 11:07

The Kulim District Office has set Sept 30 as the deadline for a company to remove 20 statues described as inappropriate from a Bali-themed park at Taman MBI Desaku in Padang Meha here.

According to The Star, Kulim district officer and administrator Mohamad Che Nai said the decision was taken following a meeting Wednesday on the removal of several statues, including those of deities erected in the park.

"We have also instructed the developer to provide the district office with a written list of the statues and new ones which they plan to build for submission to the state mufti for consideration on its suitability," he told reporters after attending the opening ceremony for the construction of Jalan Kubur Lama in Kampung Ujung Padang, Masjid Guar Lobak near here on Thursday.

The event, launched by Kedah Religious Affairs, Tourism, Heritage and Public Works Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Rawi Abd Hamid, was attended by some 100 residents.

Last Tuesday, the district office ordered the closure of the theme park and removal of two female-winged statues following complaints lodged by netizens who were uncomfortable with the statues.

The unique park developed by ECK Sdn Bhd had attracted visitors with displays of more than 30 figures and sculptures of numerous sizes such as characters like Optimus Prime from Transformers, Spiderman and Snow White.

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