Man eats RM2,845 flowerhorn fish

Written by: mottaman | 17 Jul 2017 17:08
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17 Jul 2017 17:08

A Malaysian man has stirred controversy online after buying an RM2,845 luohan fish and posting a video showing him preparing and cooking it.

The luohan, also known as flowerhorn fish, is a popular and pricey aquarium fish that is said to bring good luck to its owners. The fish is known for its striking colours and the distinctive hump on its forehead.

According to The Straits Times (Singapore) Muhammad Firdaus Othman bought the fish from his friends last Tuesday (July 11) and prepared the fish by removing the bump and seasoning it with turmeric.

The fish, which was fried, was reportedly shared with his friends.  

A video posted on the man's Facebook page showed him chopping off the hump on the head, which he said was "nothing but fat".

Photos posed on the page also showed him washing the fish, along with the finished product - the luohan fried to a golden brown. 

A note accompanying the post said the fish was "tasty, sweet and juicy". "Served hot right away from the pan, super delicious fried fish." 

The 28-year-old from Ipoh said he "didn't think anything strange" about eating it.

"The fish tastes like tilapia but nicer. So far, my friends and I have not had any side effects from eating the fish," the motoring entrepreneur said.

The post, which has received more than 5,000 likes and nearly 23,000 shares, has triggered an uproar among netizens, with some questioning the man how he could bring himself to eat the aquarium fish.

One online commenter said: "When the luohan we reared died some time ago, we gave it to the neighbours. We couldn't bear to eat the fish."

Muhammad Firdaus has brushed off the online flak, saying in the post: "Why eat this fish? Why not."

"Fish is a kind of food. That vivid and beautiful look doesn't mean you can't touch it," he added.

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