Look who came to window shop in Jerantut! (video)

Written by: J.R. | 12 Feb 2018 15:02
Moments when the boar found itself stuck and (right) when it bolted. Pics Screengrab
Written by:
12 Feb 2018 15:02

The sleepy old town of Jerantut in Pahang was in a buzz recently when an unexpected visitor decided to do some window shopping at a popular local supermarket there.

Jerantut is a town surrounded by lush thick jungles and it is not uncommon for wild animals to leave their habitats for a quick visit to civilisation once in a while.

But nothing quite prepared the townsfolk for this moment when a wild boar, out of nowhere turned up at the Tunas Manja supermarket in Jalan Kuantan.

Workers and customers bolted to safety as the boar cooly walked into the premises and started sniffing its way around the aisles.

When it got tired of it’s ‘window shopping’, it suddenly found itself confused as to how to get out and started getting restless.

After one worker tried to chase it away using a stick, the boar then quickly moved and to its relief found the front entrance before bolting out of the supermarket and into the main road.

It ran as fast as it could towards the McDonalds outlet across the road and disappeared from sight.

Hopefully, it did not have any cravings for some fries or a sundae! 

Watch the video below.

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