Jack Ma releases awesome kungfu trailer (video)

Written by: Victor Charlie | 12 Nov 2017 21:46
- Pic from social media
Written by:
12 Nov 2017 21:46

 The movie Gong Shou Dao (The Art of Attack and Defence), starring Alibaba founder Jack Ma released its official stunning six-minute trailer on Saturday which had 5.9 million views on Jet Li's official Facebook page.

According to Bernama, the movie, released on the same day in China, and also starring Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung Kam-bo, champion boxer Zou Shiming, Thai actor Tony Jaa and retired Mongolian sumo champion Asashoryu Akinori will definitely blow away any kung fu movie fans around the world.

In the first 40 seconds of the movie's trailer, several martial art masters gathered in a warehouse while passing a basketball to one another, showing off their kung fu skills, and the ball landing on Ma's fist which punches through it.

What follows is a one-vs-one showdown between the martial art masters with Ma, through stunning graphics, seeming agile and focused in Tai Chi, parrying all attacks thrown at him.

"I promise you the full film is guaranteed to be very exciting," said Jet Li, who is also the executive producer of the film, in his Facebook post.

Watch the trailer below:

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